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Clemson Holds Fifth Annual Class Day Regatta

Clemson Holds Fifth Annual Class Day Regatta

Oct. 12, 2002

CLEMSON, SC – Clemson rowing welcomed parents and fans this Saturday to the fifth annual Class Day Regatta on Lake Hartwell. Tiger rowers competed in two races, the Novice/Freshmen race and the Class Day Race.

In the closest novice race in Class Day history, “Tri-Row” won by four hundredths of a second over””Milk and Cookies”. “Tri-Row”, composed of Lindsey Wagner, Cati Harris, Lindsay Decken, Jaclyn Rath, Jaime Seitz, Jenny Walker, Jean Beckwith, Ann Sullivan, and coxswain Lindsey Magdanz posted a time of 8:44.1. “Milk and Cookies” inched out “The Carebears” finishing with times of 8:44.5 and 8:45.2 respectively. “Milk and Cookies” was made up of Chelsea Kautz, Elizabeth Weichel, Andrea Martinelli, Leigh Hauser, Kara Nichols, Kristen Weinacker, Tia Prack, Meg Graham, and coxswain Kelly Kesack. “The Carebears” were rowers Amanda White, Mary Wilson, Jenny Edwards, Katie Spinapolice, Joanna Church, Erika Knaebel, Chelsea Carr-Epstein, Erica Bethel, and coxswain Liz Yost. “G-Baby and the Babies,” comprised of Ashley Burbach, Katie Tiernan, Tammy Yahner, Katherine Lohr-Valdez, Jenny Hanson, Amanda Brandon, Sally Ann Schwartz, Erica Gohlke, and coxswain Kristen Garlington, hung close posting a finish time of 8:45.8.

The “Emergency Room” seniors won the Class Day Race despite wounds and bandages with a time of 7:16.6. The “ER” was comprised of Robin Mescher, Liz Monteith, Nicollette Burgess, Jen Wortman, Kathey Sickinger, Mary Catherine Manning, Kate Niebauer, Jenny Champa, and coxswain Emily Kuivila. They were followed closely by the sophomore’s “Devils and Angels” who battled to the finish with a time of 7:23.2. The sophomore boat included Mary Nell Green, Elizabeth Noll, Ashlee Brown, Candice Woodward, Kara Adloff, Diana Ulrey, Tina Hughes, Corey Gledhill, and coxswain Sarah Canterbury. Back for an encore performance, the alumni boat comprised of Aimee Fox, Lisa Mischley, Farrell Finstad, Lucy Doolittle, Megan McGuirt, Heidi Robillard, Gail Cadorniga, Lynn Hall, and coxswain Lisa Christopher rowing as the “Pink Flamingos” posted a time of 7:42.6. And under the direction of “Mama Smurf”, the junior””Smurfs” boat finished with a time of 8:19.2. The Junior boat was comprised of Sally Kukla, Marianne Grant, Carrie Sinnott, Diane Ulmer, Meagan Harriman, Chelsea Kautz, Katie Bero, Megan Reed, and coxswain Megan McClesky.

Pleased with this year’s Class Day Regatta, head coach Susie Lueck said, “It was a great day of racing. The closeness of the novice race shows the depth of this year’s freshman class. In the Class Day Race, it was exciting to have an alumni boat competing. The seniors and sophomores both had great times which show that there is good speed to come this year.”

The Tigers will race next Saturday, October 20th, in the Championship 8+ race at the Head of the Charles in Boston, MA.

Novice/Freshman Race Tri-Row 8:44.1 Milk and Cookies 8:44.5 The Carebears 8:45.2 G-Baby & the Babies 8:45.8

Class Day Race Seniors 7:16.6 Sophomores 7:23.2 Alumni 7:42.6 Juniors 8:19.2