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Clemson-Florida State Men’s Basketball Quotes

Feb. 12, 2000

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Clemson Head Coach Larry Shyatt: “I am thankful that we put together 35-38 minutes of good play agaisnt a talented ball club. Our effort this afternoon was our best defensive game yet. Our guys consistently knocked down jump shots.”

“Solomon and Scott mixed things up-driving, feeding, and shooting. Will got in his zone. Will is a very serious and emotional player. The team and players can feel his competitive spirit. He is hard to stop when he feels he can score on guy who is guarding him.”

“We have had four weeks of great practices. Improvement is always needed, but our effort is greatly increased. Our frustration is lessening and our defense has stayed in tack. We have found some guys who can make points when we need them. The great balance between our offense and defense is the key to us winning games.”

Florida State Head Coach Steve Robinson: “Clemson had an outstanding shooting performance by their entire team. Will Solomon stepped up and made some huge shots and our runs were always answered by someone else on their team. Whenever we got going someone on their team would step up and make a shot. It was a high emotion game for our team and Coach Shyatt did an excellent job.”

“Getting the rest of their team back helped Clemson, especially when others stepped up and made their shots. This opened the game up and gave Will Solomon opportunities to take off.”

“At half-time we knew we had 20 minutes left to play and that is a lot of time to come back and win. Clemson stepped up their defense and every time we would make a three they would answer back with a three. We couldn’t knock out their lead early in the half and from their they took off.”

Clemson’s Andrius Jurkunas “Today, we made pretty good shots. I think we moved the ball around pretty good on offense. Defensively, besides that first possession where they got four offensive rebounds, I think we did a pretty good job boxing out.”

“I had a pretty good game today. My teammates did a good job of finding me when I was open. We just got into a flow and I think everybody contributed, defensively and offensively.”

“We talked about it at halftime, that we had the same type of lead at Florida State. Last time, they played harder than us in the second half and we lost the game. We just kept saying that we had to come out and play hard from the beginning. We would win the game if we just did that.”

Clemson’s Will Solomon “I watch a lot of tapes from the first half of the season. I watch to see what our opponents did defensively and how they played. The game down there, I think I played pretty good, but we lost. Today was just a day for the whole team.”

“I just come into the game with a positive attitude. I try to get better and I try to help my team get better. Hoepfully we can get the win.”

“I think we are getting better because we have a full group of guys at practice now. We can compete hard in practice now. It is 5-on-5 instense workouts and I think that has made us better.”