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Clemson Finishes Sixth at ACC Rowing Championships

Clemson Finishes Sixth at ACC Rowing Championships

Clemson, S.C.—Clemson finished sixth at the 2017 ACC Rowing Championships at the Clemson Rowing Facility on Lake Hartwell on Sunday.   A large crowd of fans from all nine school watched 10 preliminary heats in the morning and 10 championship races in the early evening under perfect weather conditions.


Virginia won its 17th championship in the 18-year history of the event with 96 points, while Syracuse was second with 83. Notre Dame finished third with 73 points, Duke was fourth with 65, Louisville was fifth with 62 and the Tigers finished sixth with 49 points. Boston College was seventh with 28, North Carolina was eighth with 20 and Miami (Florida) finished ninth with 19.


Clemson did well in the morning heats as the Tigers joined Virginia, Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Louisville as the only schools to qualify for the Grand Final in all five events.   Clemson’s II Varsity Four team finished second to Duke in the first heat for the Tigers in the morning, the team’s highest finish in a race on Sunday. The Tigers had a time of 7:36.723.


Clemson finished fifth in the III Varsity Eight Grand Final, the II Varsity Four Grand Final and the II Varsity Eight Grand Final in the evening.


It was quite a day for the Second Varsity Eight team as it had to overcome a boat issue in the morning.   Two-hundred and fifty meters into the race, the Clemson boat had a malfunction with a rudder and the race was stopped.   Members of the team, head coach Stephen Frazier Wong, and coaches from other teams, combined to assemble a new boat for the Clemson team.   Clemson and Boston College ran in a mini heat later in the morning and Clemson won in a qualifying time of 6:41.291.


Members of that II Varsity Eight team included senior Coxswain Kasi Sweisford, Rachel Mumau, Cassidy Davidson, Julia Meredith, Taryn Carroll, Isla McRae, Amber Rewis, Elise Sum and Rebecca Pulsifer.

Team Results

Grand Finals, May 14, 2017

Lake Hartwell, Clemson, SC

1V8: 1. Virginia 6:19.734; 2. Notre Dame 6:23.172; 3. Syracuse 6:23.584; 4. Duke 6:27.267; 5. Louisville 6:31.627; 6. Clemson 6:35.267

2V8: 1. Syracuse 6:22.664; 2. Virginia 6:23.327; 3. Notre Dame 6:31.967; 4. Duke 6:34.283; 5. Clemson 6:38.00; 6. Louisville 6:44.033; 7. Boston College 6:44.770

1V4: 1. Virginia 7:04.398; 2. Louisville 7:08.027; 3. Duke 7:08.585; 4. Syracuse 7:13.784; 5. Notre Dame 7:19.824; 6. Clemson 7:31.881.

2V4: 1. Virginia 7:07.564; 2. Syracuse 7:11.707; 3. Louisville 7:16.440; 4. Duke 7:21.276; 5. Clemson 7:26.987; 6. Notre Dame 7:29.514.

3V8: 1. Virginia 6:35.468; 2. Syracuse 6:41.931; 3. Louisville 6:42.851; 4. Notre Dame 6:44.084; 5. Clemson 6:53.019; 6. North Carolina 6:54.604.

Clemson Lineup for 2017 ACC Championship

First Varsity 8

Coxswain: Emily Goff (Jr., Sarasota, Fla.); Stroke: Emily Radziwon (Jr., Orchard Park, New York); 7: Amelia Shein (D’Anthony (Jr. , Jr., Westford, Massachusetts; 6: Ashley Robinson (Sr., Magnolia, Texas); 5: Jennifer D’Anthony (Phillipsburg, New Jersey); 4: Rachel Salvias (So., Winter Park, Florida); 3: Sarah Decker (Jr., Larkspur, California); 2: Lydia Hanewich (Sr., Norton, Massachusetts); Bow: Megan Mars (Jr., Collierville, Texas).

Second Varsity 8

Coxswain: Kasi Sweisford (Sr., Pottstown, Pennsylvania); Stroke: Rachel Mumau (Fr., Millstone Township, New Jersey); 7: Cassidy Davidson (Sr., Turnerville, Georgia); 6: Julia Meredith (So., Charleston, South Carolina); 5: Taryn Carroll (Sr., Ridgewood, New Jersey); 4: Isla McRae (So., Columbus, Ohio); 3: Amber Rewis (Jr., Buford, Georgia); 2: Elise Sum (Fr., Cincinnati, Ohio); Bow: Rebecca Pulsifer (Fr., Orlando, Florida).

First Varsity 4

Coxswain: Megan Kauffield (Jr., Springfield, Virginia); Stroke: Sophia Porach (Jr., Asheville, North Carolina); 3: Anna McLean (Sr., Chletenham, England); 2: Brynn Hentschel (Jr., Jacksonville, Florida); Bow: Lorena Croft (Sr., Herndon, Virginia).

Second Varsity 4

Coxswain: Rebekah Stein (So., Apopka, Florida); Stroke: Julia Mathews (Jr., Simpsonville, South Carolina); 3: Makenna Farr (Fr., Greer, South Carolina); 2: Maddie Macrone (Jr., Radnor, Pennsylvania); Bow: Hannah Maeser (Jr., Huntsville, Alabama).

Third Varsity 8

Coxswain: Gemma Davis (Sr., Highlands, North Carolina); Stroke: Kelsey Sox (Fr., West Columbia, South Carolina); 7: Caelin McDonald (Fr., Cohasset, Massachusetts); 6: Maura Chozick (Fr., Byram, New Jersey); 5: Kira Ritter (Fr., Harrison, Ohio); 4: Katelyn Kerrick (Fr., Rye Brook, New York); 3: Aubrey Miller (Fr., Ninety Six, South Carolina); 2 Rebecca Simonetti (Jr., Wayne, Pennsylvania); Bow: Claire Prevost (Sr., Cary, North Carolina).