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Clemson Excels at the Head of the Broad

Oct. 4, 2009

Columbia, SC – The Clemson rowing team got its season off to an excellent start on Saturday morning at the Head of the Broad regatta.  Clemson won each race it entered against the College of Charleston, including dominating victories in the Varsity 8+ and Varsity 4+ events. 

Clemson entered two Varsity 8+ crews in the regatta and both finished in the top two.  The first Tiger crew crossed the finish line in a time of 14:11, while the second crew finished 26 seconds behind.  The College of Charleston finished in third place with a time of 16:08.

In the Varsity 4+ race, the Tigers claimed the first four places.  The crew of Mairi Trimboli, Sarah Daanen, Corey Geer, Grace Wolff, Lydia Hassell and Meredith Razzolini finished in second place in 15:30.  Finishing third with a time of 15:37 was Kelly Murphy, Liz Robb, Brittany Cummings and Jenna Zylstra.  The last crew to cross the finish line for the Tigers consisted of Jessica Gaul, Connie Gorman and Andrea Belbusti.  The Cougars finished fifth with a time of 18:47.

The Tigers took the top seven places in the Women’s 2- event.  Nance and Robb finished in first place with a time of 16:29, Daanen and Trimboli finished second in 16:45.  Murphy and Cummings rounded out the top three, finishing in a time of 16:53.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to row in such a beautiful area,” said Head Coach Richard Ruggieri.  “We are all very appreciative of the hospitality extended to the athletes and coaches by the Columbia Rowing Club and Sports Commission.  I look forward to racing next year and seeing more local universities take part.”

“It was a great experience for our women,” said Ruggieri.  “We have been training smart but also enhancing our race mentality.  We asked our women to go out and race and do it again and again. They rowed hard and that makes us all proud. With a good week of training and then fall break we will come back hard for the last stretch of the fall.”

Clemson will travel to Chattanooga, TN on November 7 to compete in the Head of the Hooch to close out the fall season.


Head of the Broad Results

Women’s 2-

1st Place: Clemson – 16:29  (Nance/Robb)

2nd Place: Clemson – 16:45 (Daanen/Trimboli)

3rd Place: Clemson – 16:53 (Murphy/Cummings)

4th Place: Clemson – 17:13 (Geer/Brown)

5th Place: Clemson – 17:13 (Mosier/Kelly)

6th Place: Clemson – 17:23 (Wolff/Gaul)

7th Place: Clemson – 17:47  (Clogston/Hassell)

Women’s 4+

1st place: Clemson – 15:27 (Trimboli/Daanen/Agee,K/Mosier/Bruggeling)

2nd place: Clemson – 15:30 (Geer/Brown/Wolff/Hassell/Razzolini)

3rd place: Clemson – 15:37 (Murphy/Robb/Henry/Cummings/Zylstra)

4th Place: Clemson – 15:40 (Nance/Gaul/DuBrul/Gorman/Belbusti)

5th place: College of Charleston – 18:47

Women’s 8

1st Place Clemson -14:11 (Murphy/Trimboli/Wolff/Robb/Hoynacki/Brown/Clogston/Hassell/Belbusti)

2nd Place: Clemson – 14:37 (Nance/Gaul/Daanen/Kelly/Agee.J,/Cummings/Geer/Griffith/Bruggeling)

3rd Place: College of Charleston – 16:08