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Clemson Dominates Scrimmage with Georgetown in Rowing Saturday

Clemson Dominates Scrimmage with Georgetown in Rowing Saturday

March 12, 2005

The Clemson Tigers scrimmaged the Georgetown Hoyas Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell. The crews battled rough water conditions during four 1,500m pieces with the Tigers proving victorious in all race pieces. The first two pieces were started from a floating start while the third and fourth pieces were rolling into and started while the crews were rowing even. In Flight A, Clemson’s Varsity 8+ and Second Varsity 8+’s raced Georgetown’s Varsity 8+, Second Varsity 8+ and Lightweight Varsity 8+. In Flight B, Clemson’s Third Varsity 8+, Novice 8+, and Second Novice 8+ scrimmaged Georgetown’s Lightweight Second Varsity 8+ and Novice 8+.

In the first set of races the Tigers’ 1Varisty 8+ jumped out to an early lead gaining open water in the first 500 meters, while the Tigers’ 2 Varsity 8+ had to stop and hold water twice in the first 100 meters to avoid two Georgetown boats that squeezed in from either side due to the strong port crosswind. After re-starting the second time from over 2 boat lengths of open water down to Georgetown, the Tigers’ 2 Varsity 8+ regained momentum and finished the piece in contact with the Hoyas’ lightweights. By the finish line the Tigers’ Varsity 8+ finished with over a length of open water ahead of the Hoyas’ 1Varsity 8+.

Flight A’s second 1,500 meter piece was from a floating start and all five boats cleanly left the line. The Tigers’ 1st and 2nd Varsity 8+s and the Hoyas’ 1Varsity 8+ battled it out down the course the entire time within contact of each other. Clemson’s 1Varsity 8+ finished with a few seat lead over the 2Varsity 8+ and just over a half-length lead over Georgetown.

Flight A’s third 1,500 meter piece started with the crews rolling into it as they crossed the 500 meter mark. The Tigers’ and Hoyas’ 1Varsity 8+s jumped to an early lead over the other two crews. The Tigers edged into the lead as the race unfolded pulling bow to stern ahead with 500 meters to go. In the final sprint the Hoyas edged back to finish with their bow ball on the Tigers’ coxswain.

Flight A’s fourth 1,500 meter piece showcased the most challenging water as the port crosswind increased to 15+ mph gusting to 25mph. In the middle 1,000 meters of the race course the crews stepped up in the unfavorable conditions. The last piece of the day was all about the Tigers. Both Clemson crews pulled away from the Hoyas during the first 500 meters of the piece and battled seat for seat down the course. As the crews entered the final 500 meters the 2Varsity 8+ reached the more sheltered water in Lane 4 about 100 meters earlier than the 1Varsity 8+ in Lane 6 allowing them to take a move and pull ahead of the 1Varsity 8+. Then in the final 250 meters of the course, the 1Varsity 8+ walked back through the 2Varsity 8+ gaining a slight lead for the closest finish margin of the day (0.2 seconds).

In Flight B’s first race, the Tiger and Hoya coxswains did an excellent job of handling a floating start. In this first piece Clemson’s 3V8+ was off the line first with a very fast start followed by Clemson’s 1st N8+. Georgetown’s 1st N8+ was right in the mix with Georgetown Lt 2V8+ followed by Clemson’s 2nd N8+. The conditions were favorable and this race was a successful flight with Clemson’s N8+ and 3rd V8+ racing down the course seat for seat. The N8+ had a solid sprint to win the flight, edging out Clemson’s 3rd V8+, followed in third by Georgetown’s 1N8+.

Flight B 2nd round: The second round was very challenging for the coxswains to align in the floating start. Georgetown’s 2V lts were one length open over the entire field and Clemson’s 2nd N8+ started 2 lengths down on the field. Clemson’s N8+ and 3V8+ were seat for seat with the 3V8+ taking the early lead. Georgetown’s N8+ was in a solid 3rd place all the way down the course. It was a great race and a bow ball finish with Clemson’s N8+ one second over the 3V8+ and Georgetown’s N8+ in third place.

Flight B 3rd round: This race started with a rolling start Clemson’s N8+ were seat for seat with the 3V8+, both Clemson boats took an early lead over Georgetown’s 1N8+. Clemson’s Novice turned up the heat on the other boats and pushed to an early lead with a solid sprint to win the 3rd round followed by Clemson’s 3V8+ in second and Georgetown 1N8+ in third.

Flight B 4th round; The final race of the day was a rolling start with Clemson’s 1N8+ and 3V8+ out to an early lead. This round proved to be very challenging conditions with a strong port cross wind from the 1,000m mark to the 1,500m mark. All boats stepped up to the challenging water and wind for a solid final round of racing. Clemson’s N8+ pulled ahead with another solid sprint to take first place over the 3V8+ with Georgetown’s 1N8+ finishing 3rd and Clemson’s 2nd N8 in fourth place.

“I am very pleased with how the Tigers handled the rough water conditions this morning,” said Susie Lueck, Clemson’s head rowing coach. “We have practiced in challenging wind and water all week which helped us prepare and gain confidence for our races today. Clemson’s rowers did an outstanding job fighting through each piece, battling it out with whatever boat was around them. It was exciting to see two competitive Tiger boats pushing each other down the course in every piece today. That kind of competition on a daily basis is what will take us to the next level.”

Clemson is now preparing for next weekend’s Solid Orange Clemson Challenge Regatta. The festivities will kick off at 8:45am as the Tigers dedicate their newest 8+ racing shell. Clemson will face Indiana, Purdue, Marist and Buffalo with races starting at 9 AM. The weekend is also designated Clemson Rowing’s Parent and Alumni weekend for the spring season.