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Apr 08, 2022

Clemson Compliance Corner

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Clemson Compliance Corner - NIL Q&A : Student-Athlete Use of Marks in NIL Activities

Q: Can a student-athlete use university branded attire or material during promotional events (e.g., student-athlete filming endorsement ad while wearing Clemson hat)?

A: Student-athlete and businesses interested in using Clemson’s intellectual property (co-branding), such as logos, marks, etc., must submit the request in writing via the NIL Intellectual Property Request Form (PDF), at least 72 hours in advance of the activity, and must receive written approval. The deal must also be recorded in COMPASS.

Check out for more information on Clemson’s NIL policy and a helpful Q&A document for boosters. Please continue to Ask Before You Act to avoid any NCAA or NIL violations.  Feel free to contact Clemson University Athletics Compliance Services at