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Dec 01, 2021

Clemson Compliance Corner

Clemson Compliance Corner - Timing of NIL Activities

Clemson University and the Athletics Department recently adopted an institutional NIL Policy for student-athletes to permissibly earn compensation in exchange for the use of their own name, image, and likeness.

While it is permissible for student-athletes to engage in NIL activities during their personal time, it is not permissible for student-athletes to miss class time for NIL activities or participate in NIL activities when they are on-call for required team activities.  Required team activities could be during a competition, practice, team banquet, or even at the hotel during an away from home contest.

Check out for more information on Clemson’s NIL policy and a helpful Q&A document for boosters. Please continue to Ask Before You Act to avoid any NCAA or NIL violations.  Feel free to contact Clemson University Athletics Compliance Services at