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Jan 21, 2020

Clemson Athletics Builds Habitat for Humanity Home

Clemson, S.C. – Clemson Athletics, IPTAY and Habitat for Humanity of Pickens County are proud to announce the completion of a home build project in the City of Clemson. The two-year project, coordinated by the Student-Athlete Development program, has included 330 student-athletes and 50 staff members logging more than 1,200 hours during the building process, from foundation to completion. Additional monetary support toward the production of the home totaled over $20,000.

The project has been worked on by members of every athletic team, with the department staying actively involved in the build from the first day. The project provided an opportunity for student-athletes to learn and test their leadership styles and abilities, all while making a positive impact in the community. 

“It is really powerful to look back at some of the statistics that have gone into the building of this home,” said Sunny Dueland, who serves as the Director of Student-Athlete Development for Clemson Athletics. “IPTAY and the Clemson family have been tremendous with their support. It’s great to be the link between the student-athletes and the family we get to work with.”

The house would become a home on Thursday, Jan. 16, as a family of four moved into the residence after the final touches had been added. The family, who have been longtime residents of the area, played a pivotal role in the building process, donating their own time and resources towards the project’s completion.

Darron Coley, who is a former student-athlete and currently serves as an autonomy representative for the ACC reflected on the magnitude of the moment by saying, “It’s awesome to be a part of something bigger than myself. To give something back to this Clemson community and see the impact we have, it shows that we are so much more than athletes.”

“We’re really thrilled about the partnership we’ve been able to develop with Pickens Habitat to provide housing within the Clemson community,” said Steve Duzan, who serves as the Associate AD for Athletic Academic Services and Director of Vickery Hall. “It’s a community that supports us so much and gives back to us so much.”