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2V8 Wins C Final Sunday

2V8 Wins C Final Sunday

CLEMSON, S.C. — The Tigers’ Second Varsity 8+ won the C Final on Sunday to cap a weekend of racing at the fifth annual Clemson Invitational. In addition, the 2V4 finished seventh in the grand final out of 19 competing teams to conclude two days against some of the nation’s top programs. As a team, Clemson finished 19th while Texas won the title with 130 cumulative points.

“We knew the format change to finals would provide us with a few growing pains, but overall it resulted in an unbelievable level of excitement for the fans,” said head coach Stephen Frazier Wong. “The races were so tightly bunched at the finish line, it was like a boxing match all the way down the course.

“For our team, we know we still must translate our efforts in training to raceday. I’m proud of what I saw in the 2V4 and 2V8 this weekend. The 2V4 finishing seventh against this field was impressive, and the 2V8 bounced back with a great win after a tough Saturday.”

The 2V8, coxed by Kasi Sweisford on a day when the 2017 seniors were honored, edged Penn at the line in a final that featured five teams within one and a half seconds of each other. The Tigers also beat Navy, Minnesota and Cornell to claim the win. Clemson’s time was actually ninth-fastest Sunday.


1V8: 1. Gonzaga 6:40.4; 2. Navy 6:43.9; 3. Oregon State 6:46.0; 4. Minnesota 6:47.2; 5. Clemson 6:48.5; 6. Cornell 6:49.4

2V8: 1. Clemson 6:49.0; 2. Penn 6:49.1; 3. Navy 6:50.3; 4. Minnesota 6:50.4; 5. Cornell 6:50.6; 6. Oregon State 6:57.6; 7. Columbia 7:02.6

1V4: 1. Cornell 7:39.6; 2. UCF 7:41.7; 3. Navy 7:41.9; 4. Indiana 7:43.1; 5. Oregon State 7:44.6; 6. Clemson 7:49.5; 7. Tennessee 7:49.9

2V4: 1. Ohio State 7:31.1; 2. Texas 7:38.6; 3. Duke 7:45.0; 4. Virginia 7:45.4; 5. Louisville 7:53.4; 6. Oklahoma 7:55.3; 7. Clemson 7:56.3

3V8: 1. Virginia B 7:23.8; 2. Oklahoma 7:25.8; 3. Washington State 7:36.9; 4. Minnesota 7:40.7; 5. Duke 7:41.2; 6. Clemson 7:50.4; 7. UCF 7:54.6


1V8: Emily Goff (coxswain), Amelia Shein, Emily Radziwon, Jenny D’Anthony, Cassidy Davidson, Sarah Decker, Amber Rewis, Megan Mars, Rebecca Pulsifer

2V8: Kasi Sweisford (coxswain), Rachel Mumau, Anna McLean, Julia Meredith, Taryn Carroll, Isla McRae, Ashley Robinson, Elise Sum, Lydia Hanewich

1V4: Megan Kauffeld (coxswain), Rachel Salvia, Brynn Hentschel, Sophia Porach, Makenna Farr

2V4: Rebekah Stein (coxswain), Julia Mathews, Lorena Croft, Maddie Macrone, Hannah Maeser

3V8: Gemma Davis (coxswain), Katelyn Kerrick, Caelin McDonald, Aubrey Miller, Rebecca Simonetti, Kelsey Sox, Hannah Zerwas, Maura Chozick, Claire Prevost