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2V8, 2V4 Win in Oak Ridge

2V8, 2V4 Win in Oak Ridge

CLEMSON, S.C. — The Second Varsity 8+ and Second Varsity 4+ crews ensured Clemson ended its season opener on a high note Sunday, each recording wins in the final session of the Oak Ridge Cardinal Invitational in Tennessee.

“All of our boats made improvements each of the three rounds of racing this weekend,” said head coach Stephen Frazier Wong. “I’m encouraged by the competitiveness between our own boats, as it means that each person will stay hungry to fight for a spot in the lineups.”

The 2V8, which performed consistently well all weekend, posted a time of 6:39.92 to edge Minnesota (6:40.63) at the line.

“This was a great opener for our spring racing season,” said senior Cassidy Davidson, a member of the 2V8. “We went into the weekend confidence that we had trained hard enough to be faster than last year. The results we earned throughout the weekend proved that we were in fact faster than a majority of our competition! I can’t wait to build upon these results and continue to get even faster.”

The 2V4 followed on Clemson’s final race of a busy opening weekend with a second straight victory, also beating Minnesota for the win. The Tigers rowed to a time of 7:33.77, nearly six seconds ahead of the Golden Gophers.

Clemson opens its home schedule on Saturday at Lake Hartwell, welcoming Duke and North Carolina for the 2017 Carolinas Cup. Clemson won the scored team event last spring.

Sunday Results

First Varsity 8+

  1. Minnesota, 6:40.35; 2. Miami, 6:42.30; 3. Clemson, 6:45.52; 4. Kansas, 6:45.94

Second Varsity 8+

  1. Clemson, 6:39.92; 2. Minnesota, 6:40.63; 3. Kansas, 6:53.88; 4. Miami, 7:07.91

First Varsity 4+

  1. Minnesota, 7:21.52; 2. Clemson, 7:27.34; 3. Kansas, 7:28.33; 4. Miami, 8:06.36

Second Varsity 4+

  1. Clemson, 7:33.77; 2. Minnesota, 7:39.14; 3. Kansas, 7:49.83; 4. Miami, 8:17.48

Third Varsity 4+

  1. Virginia, 7:41.66; 2. Louisville, 8:08.00; 3. Clemson, 8:16.70

Race Lineups

1V8: Emily Goff (cox), Sarah Decker, Julia Meredith, Jenny D’Anthony, Ashley Robinson, Rachel Salvia, Isla McRae, Amelia Shein, Lydia Hanewich

2V8: Kasi Sweisford (cox), Rachel Mumau, Anna McLean, Megan Mars, Cassidy Davidson, Elise Sum, Rebecca Pulsifer, Hannah Maeser, Taryn Carroll

1V4: Megan Kauffeld (cox), Brynn Hentschel, Amber Rewis, Rebecca Simonetti, Sophia Porach

2V4: Rebekah Stein (cox), Kira Ritter, Julia Mathews, Makenna Farr, Maddie Macrone

3V4: Tori Martin (cox), Kelsey Sox, Claire Prevost, Maura Chozick, Hannah Zerwas