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2015-16 Novice Rowing Team Announced

2015-16 Novice Rowing Team Announced

Following a week of tryouts, Freshman Novice Coach Samantha Sarff announced the selection of 33 student-athletes to join the rowing team today. All will begin as a member of the novice team. The new rowers are as follows:

Sarah Alvi

Lauren Barclay

Madison Battersby

Taylor Bigger

Caroline Bitter

Ashley Bright

Megan Camarote

Chandler Danielson

Marleigh Fouts

Claire Greenlaw

Susan Griffin

Abigail Hagood

Jessica Hedden

Grace Hickman

Morgan Houde

Devon Kaiser

Katharine Komsa

Briana Mahoney

Lauren McBride

Madison McDowell

Lisa Nanney

Erin Neville

Emma Parker

Sydney Parker

Rebecca Provost

Nicole Russell

Alyson Ruzycky

Kathryn Sanderson

Elizabeth Sessinger

Kayla Schilling

Rachel Sugg

Megan Wander

Jessey Willis