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#13 Clemson Women’s Rowing Records Strong Performance Against #18 Texas and #17 UCLA This Weekend

#13 Clemson Women’s Rowing Records Strong Performance Against #18 Texas and #17 UCLA This Weekend

April 17, 2011

Charlottesville, VA — The Tigers defeated Texas in the Varsity 4’s race, but dropped very close races in the 1st Varsity 8 and 2nd Varsity 8 on Saturday night. Clemson then defeated UCLA in the 1st and 2nd Varsity 8- but dropped the Varsity 4 to the Bruins on Sunday morning.

Clemson’s 1st Varsity 4 jumped out to an early lead on Texas, and managed to open up a full-length lead by the end of the race. Texas made a few charges on the Tigers, but the Clemson 4 answered each push by Texas.

“I love watching our Varsity 4 race,” said Clemson head coach Robbie Tenenbaum. “They are not afraid to go after the other crew, and they do a great job of maintaining their composure in tight racing situations.”

In Sunday morning’s race vs. UCLA, the Tigers jumped out to an early lead, but UCLA managed to pull ahead about 500 meters into the race and finished just over a length ahead of Clemson.

The 2nd varsity 8 had a great battle with Texas. The Longhorns took an early lead, but the Tigers really fought to pull even by the 1000-meter mark. Over the next 500 meters, it was Clemson that pulled ahead by a few seats, before Texas managed to push back out in front in the last 250 meters of the race. Texas finished in 6:57.6 and Clemson followed at 6:59.8.

“We put out a great effort last night in the 2nd 8 race, but Texas had just a little more left at the end of the race,” Tenenbaum continued. “I am happy with how hard we battled today, and our crew learned a lot from the race.”

The 2nd varsity 8 had a stellar race on Sunday morning against #17 UCLA. The Bruins got out to an early lead, but the Clemson crew never gave up. The conditions were choppy, but the Tigers kept attempting to push into the boat length lead that UCLA held at the halfway point of the race. With 750 meters to go in the roughest part of the course, Clemson made their move, and then managed to get all the way through the UCLA boat to win by just ever a boat length.

“Our 2nd 8 raced a smart race this morning,” said Tenenbaum.” We were patient in the early part of the race, then seized our opportunity in the last 1000 meters to win the race.

In the 1st Varsity 8 race against Texas, the Longhorns established an early lead, but Clemson, under the guidance of sophomore coxswain Katie Bruggeling, kept inching their way closer to the Texas crew. The Longhorns held a slight advantage at the 1000-meter mark, but by 1250 it was the Tigers putting their bow in front. Clemson had the momentum in the race and possibly a slight advantage with 500 meters to go in the race, but hit a large buoy on the course line. Texas took advantage of the mishap and pulled a few seats ahead of the Tigers who were unable to make another move in the final strokes of the race.

” I could not be more proud of our first Varsity 8,” Tenenbaum said. “We had a mishap in the race and we give a lot of credit to Texas for a great race. Katie Bruggeling is a great coxswain and her leadership is one of the main reasons our 1st 8 is having so much success this season.”

Clemson rowed a great race in the 1st Varsity 8 race on Sunday morning against UCLA. The Bruins jumped out to an early lead, but Clemson managed to pull even with UCLA about the 1500-meter mark and lengthened the lead to 3/4 of a boat length by the finish line.

“Our 1st Varsity 8 was on a mission today after losing to Texas on Saturday night,” said Tenenbaum. “I am really pleased with how we bounced back. This was a big win for us. Our entire team is looking forward to the ACC Championships next weekend in Clemson.”

Results: Saturday Night 1st Varsity 8 Texas: 6:45.6 Clemson 6:47.7 2nd Varsity 8 Texas 6:57.6 Clemson 6:59.8 1st Varsity 4 Clemson 7:59.6 Texas 8:03.1 2nd Varsity 4 Clemson 8:09.8 Michigan State 8:15.9 Clemson 8:25.4 Novice 8 Michigan State 7:42.3 Clemson 7:52.4

Results: Sunday morning1st Varsity 8 Clemson 6:25.0 UCLA. 6:27.2

2nd Varsity 8 Clemson. 6:40.9 UCLA. 6:44.3

1st Varsity 4 UCLA. 7:22.6 Clemson. 7:29.5

2nd Varsity 4 Virginia. 7:22.9 Virginia. 7:30.9 Clemson. 7:36.2

Clemson Novices vs. Virginia 3rd Varsity Virginia. 6:54.8 Clemson. 7:11.0

Clemson 3rd Varsity 4 vs Virginia Novice 4 Clemson. 7:55.2 Virginia. 8:03.3