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Women’s Soccer Bootcamp

Women’s Soccer Bootcamp

During the second and third days of pre-season two former Army officers trained the Women’s soccer team.

On the first day of the training the team did agility work, teamwork exercises, as well as some stretcher exercises on the practice fields at Clemson.

During the afternoon session the team made ‘I Am’ storyboards. The exercise was focused around motivation and inspiration from the leaders of the workout.

The second day of training was a surprise to the athletes. The coaching staff told the players the day before that the former servicemen were going back home to North Carolina but instead they stuck around for another day.

The team was greeted with a three-mile race around campus where they were required to carry one of their teammates on a stretcher. The race concluded in Jervey Meadows where the team was met by cheers from faculty, staff, and other student-athletes.