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Softball Stadium Receives Initial Construction Approval

Softball Stadium Receives Initial Construction Approval

Clemson Athletics received Phase I Approval for the construction of a new softball stadium from the Clemson University Board of Trustees on Friday. The approval allows the athletic department to select an architect and begin the design process.

The softball program, announced as a sport addition in 2017, is on track to begin competition in academic year 2019-20. A search is currently underway for a head coach; coaches offices, player facilities and the new stadium construction are all in process.

Nationally, more than 365,000 girls participated in softball in 2015-16 and fast pitch softball has become the fifth-highest participation sport for girls, trailing only basketball, track and field, volleyball and soccer. In South Carolina, 203 of 214 public high schools which are part of the South Carolina High School League offered softball programs.