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Rowing Competes at Daughtry’s Carolina Rowing Classic

April 25, 1999

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – The Clemson rowing team competed in the Daughtry’s Carolina Rowing Classic in Chapel Hill this weekend. Windy conditions at the start made racing on Jordan Lake unsafe, so the four-team regatta was moved to the more protected waters of University Lake. Because University Lake is not large enough to allow the standard 2,000-meter races, each boat competed in two 1,000-meter pieces.

The Tigers won both pieces of the Novice 8+ and the Second Novice 8+. In the Novice 8+ competition, Clemson clocked a time of 3:19.4 in the first race, followed by Duke in 3:22.8, North Carolina in 3:24.2 and Tennessee in 3:26.2. The Tigers placed first with a time of 3:19.6 in the second race. Duke was second with a time of 3:24.5, and Tennessee third in 3:24.8. North Carolina finished fourth (3:26.0).

Clemson defeated Tennessee in both pieces of the Second Novice 8+, winning the first piece with a time of 3:24.4 to the Vols’ 3:33.6. The Tigers recorded a 3:17.2 in the second piece, while Tennessee clocked in with a time of 3:24.9.

North Carolina and Clemson split the two pieces of the Varsity 4+ race. North Carolina won the first race in 3:33.9, followed by Clemson in 3:34.7. Tennessee was third (3:48.4), and Duke fourth (3:55.0). Clemson won the second race in 3:33.0, followed by North Carolina in 3:43.3. Again, Tennessee was third in 3:49.2, and Duke fourth in 3:54.6.

The Tar Heels, whose Varsity 8+ is ranked 18th nationally, won the Varsity 8+ races and the Second Varsity 8+ races. In the Varsity 8+ competition, North Carolina won the first piece in 3:08.6, followed by Clemson in 3:13.5. Tennessee placed third in 3:16.7, and Duke was fourth in 3:21.3. The order was the same in the second piece, with North Carolina winning in 3:08.8, and Clemson placing second in 3:14.4

In the Second Varsity 8+ competition, North Carolina won the first race in 3:12.3, Tennessee was second in 3:15.9 and Clemson was third in 3:17.8. The Tar Heels won the second race in 3:14.7, while the Tigers placed second in 3:17.9. Tennessee was third with a time of 3:20.8.

“We did a good job considering the length of the race,” said Clemson head coach Susie Lueck, “because we don’t train for that length. North Carolina’s strongest point in their races is the first 500 meters of the race and the last 500 meters of the race, especially on their home course, and we’re stronger in the second 1000 meters of the race.”