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Q&A With Sophomore Sarah Turner

Q&A With Sophomore Sarah Turner

March 12, 2003

Questions and Answers with Sophomore Sarah Turner

Sarah is a sophomore from Greer, South Carolina, majoring in History. She was voted by her teammates “Most Valuable Defender” for the fall of 2002.

Q. How do you feel the spring season is coming along for the Lady Tigers? A. This spring could not possibly go any better than it has. We are using this time for everything it’s meant for and more. We improve as players each day, but we have grown so much as a team. Our coaches have done an awesome job of keeping each day interesting by incorporating a season-long challenge within our team. It keeps things competitive, intense and very exciting.

Q. What is the biggest difference between the fall season and the spring season? A. The two seasons are like night and day. The fall is full of games, traveling, and recovering. It’s an exciting and very intense four months, especially in the ACC. The spring on the other hand takes a different approach. We concentrate a lot more on practice, lifting, and development of individual as well as team skills. We play far fewer games, but definitely make up for the competition in our 4 v 4 challenge games. I cannot say which season I like more; they are both a lot of fun but in different ways.

Q. Why did you decide to choose Clemson University when you were looking at colleges to attend? A. I always knew that I wanted to play for this team and be a part of the Clemson tradition. Throughout the whole recruiting process I was sure that this is where I wanted to end up. I remember my first phone call; I told the coach that I just wanted to go to Clemson. Everything is going better than I had expected, I never imagined I’d be this happy.

Q. Do you have nickname that anyone might call you on the team? If so why? A. The only one that has a nickname for me is our assistant coach, Laurie Pells. She calls me Xena, but I really don’t know how it all got started. Maybe she started calling me that because she can’t pronounce my real name the way most people say it. Maybe because she is from NJ and they say it differently there.

Q. Who is the most influential person in your life? Why? A. This could be a toss up between either one of my parents. While me mom has made quite an impact on my life, I’d have to say my dad. He’s amazing in everything he does. Most notably, I admire him for his college career. My parents were married soon after high school graduation and my brother came shortly after. While having this new family, he played football at the University of New Mexico, obviously took classes, and worked a job. I don’t know how he did it.

Q. If you can have dinner with anyone past or present who would it be? Why? A. I would use this opportunity to have dinner with Jesus Christ. I’m curious to see how I’d react in his presence and I certainly have a lot to thank him for. If I could choose a second guest, I’d like to have dinner with my soul mate…whoever that might be.

Q. Describe the feeling playing on Historic Riggs Field? A. Nothing beats it. I remember the way I felt the first time I played on the field, and the feeling hasn’t changed at all. You know it’s a special place when you run out of the tunnel and you’re still overwhelmed by it after two years. It’s more than the field though, it’s the entire atmosphere from the commentator and Danny to the way it feels to win and even lose there.

Q. Do you have any pre-game rituals that you might do? Why? A. I try not to get wrapped up in superstition. I do put my left shin guard on first, but I don’t believe that I do that for any particular reason.

Q. What is your favorite meal that you can’t go without? A. I’m a huge salmon fan. I probably love nuts just as much though. They are definitely my two favorite foods.

Q. With the fall approaching what are your thoughts about the up-coming season as a rising Junior? A. I have never been so confident in something like I am in this team. In addition to the core we presently have, we are eagerly awaiting an incredible class in the fall. We will have the depth and personnel to last a long and successful season. I am excited to see what the future holds for our team.