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Q & A With Lydia Vandenbergh

Q & A With Lydia Vandenbergh

April 30, 2003

Q. What is it like here at Clemson as you are just about to finish your first year as a Lady Tiger Soccer Player? What is the biggest difference from high school and club soccer to college soccer?

A. Clemson is awesome! I absolutely love it here! Being a soccer player is even better. This is a great school, but to do what you love at the same time is so much fun. In college soccer the speed of play is so much faster than club or high school. Everyone is bigger, faster, and stronger.

Q. Tell me about the team strength coach Tanna Burge. Do you enjoy getting a workout from her?

A. Tanna is awesome! Who doesn’t enjoy a 3 hour workout with her? Having her has made me improve my strength tremendously and it is definitely worth it! Plus you get abs of steel. Oh…and she makes the football players cry.

Q. What has been the high point of the year for you and why?

A. Playing against North Carolina on Riggs Field! I was so excited. One of the reasons I came to Clemson was to beat teams like UNC, but any game on Riggs is exciting.

Q. Who is your favorite non-soccer athlete and why?

A. Marion Jones. She is amazing and an inspiration to all female athletes. She has three gold medals!

Q. What is your favorite meal to eat when you go home?

A. Chicken and macaroni and cheese. My grandma has a special seasoning for the chicken that is to die for, and I just love home made mac and cheese.

Q. Who are three people past or present that you would like to meet?

A. Luis Figo, David Beckham, and Vin Diesel. Future husbands!?! ..haha

Q. Who do you admire, or look-up to on the team and why?

A. I look up to the seniors. I have seen how much work and time that they have put into this program. It makes me want to play for them. But one in particular is Heather Beam. She’s a great leader, teammate, and friend.

Q. How many hours in the day are you on the internet?

A. Too much. Instant messenger is addicting.

Q. If we were to ask your roommates a funny story about you, what story would that might say?

A. Well one time I said something funny and made one of my teammates pee in her pants. Oh..and I always trip over everything.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. Playing in WUSA!

Q. Where do you envision the team going this up coming fall with the new incoming class of freshman? Do you see the ACC finals again?

A. Winning a National Championship! Our team is going to be unstoppable next fall. With our great incoming class we will have tons of depth and I definitely see us in the ACC finals again.

Word Association: What comes to your mind as soon as you see the word..ready…

Grits: Paw’s Diner. $2.00 and enough to fill you and your broke wallet.

Barbecue: Chicken. I don’t eat anything else.

The Bachelor: Reality TV. All the freshmen gather at Yaneash Donaldson’s apartment every Tuesday for REAL WORLD. We didn’t miss an episode!

Practice: The way our assistant coach Pells says “Practice”. She also has problems saying “egg” and “leg” too. It’s funny! She is from New Jersey so we forgive her!