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Q & A With Kristen Procopio Allen

Q & A With Kristen Procopio Allen

Nov. 11, 2004

The latest session of women’s soccer Q&A welcomes senior defender Kristen Procopio Allen. Kristen is from Clemson, SC and is majoring in Parks, recreation, and tourism management. She has also been named twice to the ACC Academic Team.

1.Who inspired you to play soccer? Probably my dad, I really don’t remember

2. What are some of your hobbies, other than soccer? I hate to say, but I don’t have any.

3.Do you have any phobias? I hate spiders

4. What is the significance of your jersey number (25)? It was the only one left when I transferred. But I love it now, because I am always the last one and Clemson is my home town

5. What is your favorite movie line? “Hip…Hip Hop, Hippopotamus” Big Daddy

6.What is your favorite television show? Friends

7. Who is your favorite soccer player? Julie Foudy

8.What are your favorite sporting events to attend? College Basketball

9. Why do your teammates say you’re one of the funnier ones on the team? Because I am sarcastic, I don’t know I am just hysterical.

10. Are you a messy or a neat roommate? My room is messy, but I am overall pretty neat.

11. If you had free time, what would you do for fun? I would love to go to the mountains and hike a few trails. I enjoy looking at the beautiful site of nature. To me it is all so relaxing.

12. Have you ever met anyone famous? I don’t think I have met anyone famous, but have seen them in person.

13. Do you play a musical instrument? I used to play the piano, because my mom made me, but not anymore.

14. Are you a good driver? Yes, I obey all the rules and stop completely at a stop sign. People told me I am as well. I read my drivers manual often to make sure I don’t break any laws.

15. Tell me about any pre-game rituals you have. I have to sit in the same seat at a home game. I have to touch the far sideline with my left foot and the near sideline with my right foot. Don’t know why I do, but I have to.

16. What is it that you love about Clemson and the team? The location of the school, near the mountain, lake, and not far the beach. Love the team because we are all so close.

17. Have you pulled any pranks on your teammates? If I say I might not have any teammates left. Sorry can’t say, but have done many.

18. How would you describe your personality? Shy at first, but eventually open up. Charming, smart, intelligent…haha

19. What have you learned about yourself since you have been at Clemson? I have learned that “hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”

20. What has been one of the memorable victories you have experienced at Clemson so far? Beating Texas at Texas this year for our first game of the season. I will never forget it.

Word Association What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear this word…..

Fitness- EEWWWW!!

Riggs Field-Amazing


The Team-Funny