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Q & A with Jenny Smith

Q & A with Jenny Smith

Sept. 19, 2005

The 2005-06 soccer season is underway and so is this year’s edition of Q&A. Freshman JennySmith, a freshman for Macon, GA, is the first Lady Tiger in the spotlight. Listen to what the political science major has to say.

1. So how has been the first month of college going for you? As a freshman has it been hard making the adjustment with class, practice and studying?A. It has been tough but everyone around me has helped get through it. The people at Vickery have helped me stay on top of my studies and helped me out a lot.

2. What has been the biggest difference from Club soccer to college soccer?A. The teams we play have better skills and are faster then what I am used to. I am adjusting fairly well, but it takes a little bit to get used to.

3. You scored the winning goal over your archrival South Carolina. As a freshman do you know the type of impact you have by scoring in a game like that? What were you feeling after you scored and after the game?A. It felt great, but the team was so fired up that I knew if I didn’t score somebody would, and I knew we were going to win the game.

4. Who is your favorite non-soccer athlete and why?A. Roger Federer. I like tennis and I like the way he is always calm and doesn’t get negative when he is down or when the game is on the line.

5. What is your favorite meal to eat when you go home?A. Mexican food and brownies.

6. Who are three people past of present that you would like to meet?A. Will Farrell, Roger Federer, Angelina Jolie

7. Who do you admire on the team and why?A. Kim Fearber, because she is always positive and enthusiastic and never gives up. She is always willing to listen no matter when it is and she gives 100% whenever she is playing.

8. I hear the team loves to watch O.C. on the bus trips. Are you a fan too? What makes everyone enjoy that show so much? How does the coaching staff feel about watching it on future trips?A. I am NOW. At first I wasn’t but once I watched 8 hours of it on the bus I got hooked. The coaching staff loves it too. They can’t wait till the next bus trip to watch it again. hahha

9. How many hours in a day are you on the internet?A. Only 1 or 2. I am not a big internet person.

10. If we were to ask a teammate a funny story about you, what might they say?A. They laugh at me for sucking my thumb.

11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?A. I want to go to Law school once I graduate from Clemson.

12. What do you remember the most about pre-season this year?A. The Breakfast club in the mornings, and having to get up and go run.

13. What made you choose Clemson?A. I really like the campus and the school. I also liked Clemson’s athletics program they focus on all of their sports and not just some. I really like that in an athletic department.

14. Where do you envision the team going this year? There are a lot of new faces on this years team including you. Do you feel the freshman class can help lead the Tigers to success down the road?A. I think our team is going to very well this year. We have started out with some good wins and I think we can continue to do that throughout the season. I think the freshman will help the team out a lot especially later in the season once we have a lot more experience.

15. When you step on Riggs field to play a game, what feelings go through your head?A. A lot of pride and I just want to play the best I can.

OK, time for word association. When you hear this phrase or word, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Ready……

Solid Orange: game night

USC: Biggest Rival

O.C.: Fun bus trip

Team dinners: bonding

Study Hall: Test

Thanks for answering our questions Jenny. Best of luck with your season. See ya on the field.Go Tigers!!

Watch the Tigers play this Thursday as they host their first ACC game against the Maryland Terrapins. Game time 7:00pm