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Postgame Quotes: Clemson vs. Alabama NCAA Super Regional Game 2

June 13, 2010

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Clemson Head Coach Jack Leggett

Opening Statement: “That was a nice ballgame for us. Scott Weismann went out and did a really nice job. We worked ahead in the count for the most part all night long. We played well defensively and really swung the bats extremely well tonight. We started off in the first inning and then had the 9-run inning, so we hit the ball pretty well a couple of different times tonight.”

“The thing I was most pleased about was that every time they scored, we scored to answer. Getting rebound runs is a big part of the ballgame. I liked the way we played all night long, but we know that we can’t take anything into tomorrow. We know we are going to have a battle on our hands tomorrow and are just focused on what tomorrow brings for us.”

On his teams mental edge: “We had a great first inning. That’s all there is to it. We were able to loosen up and get some momentum as the game went on. Mike Freeman hit the ball in the gap and started things off. Then the next thing you know, we had some momentum going. We had some good swings on the ball, and we were seeing the ball pretty well. We knew he had a pretty good breaking ball and if we could put our front shoulder on it and hit the ball the other way that would be effective. We did a pretty good job of that. When they got behind in the count, we were ready to hit.”

On who is pitching tomorrow: “Dominic Leone. He is a good pitcher, I have confidence him. He has had some good games for us before.”

On this team’s attitude: “We have to be tough. This is a tough lifestyle. If you choose to play baseball, there are going to be a lot of ups and downs. I’m a very competitive person, and the team feeds off of that. We have some competitive kids on this team and they are highly motivated to make it to Omaha.”

On the game tomorrow: “We are excited about being home and forcing a 3rd game. We know what is on the line. These kids are excited about the opportunity ahead of them and have been working hard all season long since the beginning of the fall to get themselves into this position.”

“My dream tonight would be for us to come out and play like we are capable of playing and play a really solid baseball game. We hope we have an edge tomorrow, but we know we have to earn it.”

“Tomorrow is a new game. We can’t put any runs in the bank, all we can do is take the confidence and positive feelings from this game and let it permeate into tomorrow. We fully expect to come out and earn what we get tomorrow.”

Clemson Player Quotes

Shortstop Brad Miller

On team winning with backs against the wall: “I think we have had a lot of situations this year when our backs are against the wall and we feel like we have to prove something to everybody. I guess we just like to battle. We know the other team isn’t going to give us anything easy. We are going to have to earn it all and just try to go out there and battle for the last out.”

On boost of momentum carrying over to tomorrow’s game: “We understand that we can’t carry over any runs, but I think the biggest thing is that we have to take the confidence from today. We have to understand that we were in this situation last night and saw how we came out hungry and aggressive so we have to realize that they are going to be coming after us tomorrow and match their aggression.”

Pitcher Scott Weismann

On six run lead giving more confidence: “It is a huge confidence booster. These guys have been doing it all year for me. I gave up that run in the second and they came back with two more. The next inning I gave up another run and they came back with more, so when we are doing that it is definitely a confident booster. Just have to let the defense work and fill up the strike zone.”

On not having to have best night and still cruising to a win: “I try not to look at the score too much because I want to do well myself. In that situation obviously you just try not to walk guys and put the ball in play and let the fielders work. I notice it, but I still have my job to do. You can’t look too much into the offensive side so when I go out there I am looking to bury guys.”

Third Baseman John Hinson

On game last night giving extra motivation for today: “Definitely. The motivation is what we have been working for all fall. It has been a dream of mine and everyone else on this team’s to go to Omaha. To lose a close game like that last night was tough and we came out with our heart on our sleeves tonight and played well. Like Brad said, we have been playing well with our backs against he wall and we plan to get it one tomorrow.”

On boost of momentum carrying over to tomorrow’s game: “Definitely. Confidence is going to be out there tomorrow. When you get 20 hits in one game you carry over the momentum that you get and confidence will be there.”

Alabama Head Coach Mitch Gaspard

Opening Statement: “It was pretty simple tonight. They did a super job in the early part of the game, and had a great offensive approach to build a big lead in the first inning. It was tough from there. Wiseman threw a bunch of strikes, and just when we put a few good swings on them they continued to extend the lead. Once we got deep into the bullpen it was just a tough night for us. Hats off to Clemson tonight; they attacked us all night and really got after us.”

On concern for tomorrow’s pitcher Kyle Kilcrease versus the Clemson offense: “There’s no concern. They were really dialed in offensively tonight and everything we threw up there and each pitch we brought in was living from the belt buckle to the bellybutton. That’s not a good place to throw a lot of pitches. I don’t think it had anything to do with tipping pitches I think the location of the pitch had a lot to do with it. They were really good tonight offensively and they barreled up probably 24 or 25 balls tonight.”

On being down so early in the game: “It’s one thing to get six in the first, but when you continue to give up more after that, that’s when it gets tough. After the six in the first, I felt like we could make a run because we got some pretty good swings on some pitches early, but they came back and we knew it was going to be tough to slow them down once they got the six. We had to hold what we thought were our better guys at that point until we got back in the game or made a run at them offensively. It was just a tough night for us on the mound, all the way around.”

On using Pitcher Kyle Kilcrease tomorrow: If I’ve got a 1-1 game, he’s the guy that we want the ball in his hands. He’s won some big ones for us, not just this year but over the last couple years. We play our best baseball behind him. Our team is extremely confident in him, and so am I, and one thing we know we’ll get is that he’s going to compete like crazy.”

On being worried about his team psychologically: “No. They’ll be fine.”

On whether he’d rather lose by 14 or one: It’s baseball, it’s post-season, you’re playing to go to Omaha. Whether it’s 19-5 or 5-4, there’s still one game that’s going to decide who’s going to Omaha tomorrow. That’s part of it. They beat our tails off tonight, but it would have been the same result if we’d have lost by one run. It still comes down to one game and we’ve got a guy on the mound who we think is going to pitch really well for us.”

Alabama Player Quotes

Leftfielder Jon Kelton

On ability to bounce back after loss: “We won the first game and we’ll be ready to go tomorrow. They hit us pretty good tonight but we’ll have Nathan (Kilcrease) on the mound tomorrow and we’ll be ready. No doubt. That’s baseball. You have to have a short memory, just put a loss like this out of your mind and come ready to play.”

On confidence in Nathan Kilcrease: “Nathan is one of the best pitchers in the nation. We always believe in him and we will tomorrow. He has a lot of confidence in himself and we play well behind him.”

Pitcher Adam Morgan

On pitching: “I just didn’t have it today. Hitters have a funny way of telling you you’re leaving the ball over the plate. It was just hard to get in a rhythm tonight. A lot of the balls they hit were just one foot away from being caught or one foot away from making what could have been a great play. You just have to forget it and move on.”