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Postgame Quotes

Jan. 9, 2010

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Clemson Head Coach Oliver Purnell

Overall Thoughts: “This was a good bounce-back win. The first ACC win is tough to come by. We executed the game plan, pushed the tempo, and did a good job on the backboards. We had to fix the team rebounding after the first half; as a team you have to rebound well against BC. We talked about it before, but it took a while to make it happen. Devin (Booker) was outstanding on the boards and Demontez (Stitt) did a good job slicing to the basket. We did a good job touching the ball in the paint, which is where we really hurt them. We did a good job involving multiple guys. I thought it was one of Noel’s (Johnson) better games. I don’t worry about him offensively, but he can’t be a liability on defense. He was rebounding the heck out of the ball.”

On Bouncing Back With a Win: “It was not an easy win, but it was a bounce back in confidence. It’s easy to get on a losing streak in this conference. It’s always going to be a dogfight, but we have to move on. Multiple losses can wear on your confidence.”

On the Play of Trevor Booker: “It’s important to get him involved every night. If they don’t guard him, he makes plays and if they double him it opens up another guy.”

On the Game Plan: “BC is used to playing at a slower pace, so coming in we wanted to push the pace. They’re not deep at guard once you get past Biko Paris or with their ballhandling, so we wanted to push that on them. It’s part of the press to wear them out; the advantage is that it affects their legs and consequently their shooting percentage.”

Boston College Head Coach Al Skinner

Overall Thoughts: “I thought we did a good job with some things tonight, but we just didn’t complete it. We allowed them to be more aggressive. You have to make plays and in the first half we didn’t deliver. On the road you must handle all conditions and we didn’t do that. They played like this was very important to them.”

On missed layups: “We missed enough to know that was the difference in the game. Then by missing those, we created transition opportunities for them.”

On three-point shooting: “I thought most of the threes we took were good shots. We moved the ball well and not too many of them were contested they just didn’t go in.”

On the rebounding effort: “They were more aggressive. Rebounding is more about effort and we didn’t respond as well to their effort as we should. I thought we defended well in the second half and they missed some shots but we didn’t hustle to get the rebounds. We would just stand there and watch and that can’t happen.”

On why they missed so many easy opportunities: “It is hard to give a reason why we missed so many easy shots. I don’t think it was the environment because we have played here before. We missed easy opportunities that led to transitions for them.”

On his team’s psyche: “We are not were we need to be right now. We are a capable team, but we should be better than this at this time. There is no forgiveness in this league.”

On the first half of play: “You can’t allow any team to have a lead like this. We tried to fight back, but we did not collect ourselves in the second to come back.”