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Postgame Quotes

Feb. 27, 2004

Recap |  Box Score

Clemson Guard Julie Aderhold

“I think Duke’s a really good team. They’re very fundamentally sound on defense. They deny the first pass very well. They’re just an all-around good team.”

“Players like Alana [Beard] don’t come along very frequently and it’s good for the league, it’s good for the sport, and it’s just good all around.”

“I personally came into this game thinking, ‘I don’t care who we’re playing. I want to beat them.’ We just didn’t get it together this night.”

Clemson Forward Maggie Slosser

“They’re pretty good at defense. You can’t say that they’re not good, but I think a lot of our mistakes [helped them]. We turned the ball over and we just didn’t execute.”

“I think each year Alana has gotten better, and she’s just upped her level of play every single year. She’s just making a statement for women’s basketball.”

“You always want to beat [Duke]. Everyone always wants to go out and beat the number one team. You just have to go out and play hard. Some moments we did and some moments we didn’t.”

Duke Head Coach Gail Goestenkors

“I’m really pleased with our effort, our intensity and our focus. I think this was a great way to send our seniors out. I felt like we would play well. We have been having some great practices. The team was fired up to play well for the seniors. The seniors were excited to be playing their last regular season home game here. Other than the turnovers in the first half and putting them on the free throw line too much, I thought we did a really good job and I am really proud of the team and these seniors in particular.”

“Alana [Beard] had a great night. She was on fire, but she was cramping up at the end of the game when she came out. I didn’t want to risk putting her in during a lopsided game and risk injury. I certainly didn’t want to insult Jim Davis or his program because he is a class act as well.”

On the execution tonight: “I thought it took us a little while to get in the offensive flow. Clemson did a great job changing up the defenses. I think it took us a little time to be comfortable, but once we did, there wasn’t a whole lot of coaching involved. We were just making the reads that need to be made. We have three great seniors who have seen just about any defense that they could possibly throw at us and we became comfortable with things. It makes my job easy.”

Duke Guard Vicki Krapohl

“We had a lot of chemistry out there. It was fun. We were having a good time on the court and everything just seemed to be clicking.”

Duke Guard Alana Beard

“We have our huddle before every game and I tell my teammates to just have fun. In the huddle today I said, ‘You all know what you have to do; just have fun and enjoy it.’ And I think we did that as a team and it was so much fun out there tonight.”

On being two points short of Duke’s all-time scoring record: “I’m aware of that, but N.C. State is another ACC game that we have to complete. It’s really not about the individual right now; because we have so many things as a team that we want to do.”