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Post Game Quotes

Feb. 13, 2008

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Coaches Quotes

Clemson Coach Cristy McKinney:

“Coming into the game, I was looking for focus and energy out of the girls. We showed that during the first five minutes. After that, shots weren’t falling and we were making a lot of turnovers giving Duke the momentum to end the first half.”

“Things looked better during the second half. We played more productive and a lot of girls got playing time. We’re a young team and this game against Duke gave a lot of our girls good experience.”

Duke Coach Joanne P. McCallie:

On beginning of the game… “We weren’t very focused in the beginning and were able to refocus after the first four minutes and really get things going. We need to do a better job on defense and attack more and that is what they did. A lot of people contributed as well which was great.”

On Abby Waner… “She is a great shooter and I was glad to see her out there having fun and making shots. She is doing a great job for us all around with assists and rebounds as well.”