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Post Game Quotes

May 31, 2009

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Clemson Head Coach Jack LeggettOn the game… “Thought it was a good game. Scott pitched a great game for us, threw a lot of strikes and we had three double plays in the first inning, which was nice. The bats were alive today, and made some good adjustments to a left – handed pitcher. We feel good about where we are and just going to go and get ready to play another ball game.”

On Weismann… “Initially after the ball game we were thinking Chris, then we went back and thought about it and knew they had mostly right – handers and thought Dwyer would be affective against the other ball club. We felt like it was one of those things where that would be a better match – up for us. If we went to two games they were both going to have to pitch anyway.”

Scott WeismannOn going whole game… “I think that I could have gone nine, but it was coaches decision to take me out and they put Haselden in and he did the job so it worked fine. I got a call from Coach Bunn last night and he let Chris know he was going the second game and I would go the first.”

On winning mindset… “For sure, there is no doubt. We are just taking it one game at a time, but there is no doubt in my mind that we are going to pull this thing off.”

On pressure to win… “It wasn’t that much pressure. Before the game there was a little bit, but once you throw that first pitch it was feeling good, and when a team scores runs for you like that it makes it easy on you.”

Difference being a starter… “It is a little different. When you come in to relieve then you want to come in a blow them out and strike them out. When you know you need to be out there a long time you try to save your pitches.”

On what was working… “I would say the location of my fastball for the most part. Off – speed my slider was there, sometimes I didn’t have, but mostly I would say locating my fastball.”

Tennessee Tech Head Coach Matt BraggaOn the game… “We really hurt ourselves by grounding into so many double plays in the first few innings. Lee Henry, who has been phenomenal for us all year, maybe wasn’t the best match – up with all Clemson’s lefties. He’s a breaking ball, slider, change – up type of guy. He competes as well as any guy I’ve ever coached, but they were just able to figure him out pretty well.”

On season… “It was a great run by our guys. We finished really strong and that’s how you want to finish a year. It’s always disappointing to lose, but I’m really proud of these guys. They’re a great group, one of the most fun I’ve been around to coach. I’m really fortunate and blessed to have this opportunity to be around these young men.”

On Clemson pitcher Scott Weismann… “He beat us with his fastball. He threw very few off – speed pitches and just came right after us. I tip my hat to him. That was a heck of an outing today.”

Alex HenryOn differences in Clemson’s pitching between Friday and today… “Friday night, we started out pretty hot on them, and we were able to stay back on them when they came at us with fastballs and hit both sides of the corners. We struggled with that, even though we haven’t all year so that was surprising. That’s what they did again today and it was effective again.”