Men’s Soccer Surpasses 250 Season Tickets Sold

Men’s Soccer Surpasses 250 Season Tickets Sold

Nov. 7, 2002

The Clemson Men’s Soccer program has surpassed the 250 mark for season tickets sold. Over five months ago the program set a goal to become the #1 college attended soccer venue in America.

“In order to accomplish this, the selling of season ticket passes is fundamental to increase our attendance base,” said head coach Trevor Adair. “It will continue to grow with the yea’s to come. Compared to last year where we sold a total of nine, selling over 250 is a total success and a testament of the support for our fans.”

The 2002 season ticket program offered a laminated ticket pass that many supporters wore with great pride. Many fans became members of the supporter club e-mail list in which they received a weekly electronic newsletter.

Another benefit of this program is the many supporters had the option to donate their tickets via the “pass it on” program. Over 1000 free admissions were donated by our supporters. In order to utilize these admissions, the program promoted its annual “Youth Day Celebration” at the UNC game. The event consisted of all youth 8th grade and younger, received free admission, and had the chance to visit our player’s autograph zone after the game.

“It was a very good atmosphere, to see hundreds of children attend the game. Reaching out to the local community is something that we are always committed to doing,” said Adair.

Coach Adair’s final message is that “the foundation has been laid out and we will continue to reach higher ticket sales goals in the years to come. We will become the #1 college soccer venue in the country.”

The coaching staff and players would like to its fans for purchasing the season ticket passes and encourages everyone to support the Tigers during their postseason NCAA tournament efforts.

If you are interested in becoming a Men’s Soccer Supporters Club member, please call (864) 656-1974 or e-mail Eddie Carvacho at