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Men’s Soccer Participates In Presidential Downhill Run

Aug. 28, 2003

The Clemson men’s soccer team participated in the 2003 RC & Moonpie Downhill run on Saturday. The event is a one-mile down hill run that starts at the President’s house and finishes just outside the Esso club where participants indulge in fruit, refreshments and a traditional moon pie.

The run is an annual event sponsored by Tiger Brotherhood that raises money for various charities each year and is named to recognize former Clemson President Dr RC Edwards and his wife Louise “Moonpie” for the enormous amount of time and energy they have given to make Clemson the place it is today. This year’s proceeds will go towards preserving and maintaining the Woodlands Cemetery better known to the Clemson family as “Cemetery Hill.” This graveyard located just beyond Death Valley is the burial grounds for former distinguished members of the Clemson Community.

Although the race itself is not competitive, head coach Trevor Adair managed to finish the race below his projected time and with it won some bragging rights until next year.

“It was a lot of fun to see so many different people come out and participate in the race,” he said. “The entire team enjoyed the opportunity to get out and take part in one Clemson’s finest traditions, and honor Dr. Edwards and his wife for everything they have done for Clemson.”