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Letter From Troops in Iraq

Letter From Troops in Iraq

April 9, 2003

The following is an e-mail received from our troops stationed in Iraq:

I wanted to thank you for the box of goodies that you have sent. We really appreciate the support that you and many other proud Americans are providing for us! It really means alot! We have many die hard Clemson fans deployed here. When I receive the flag that you have sent we are going to have are picture taken in front of the McEntire jets. After we have that done I will email you a copy of the photo. Hopefully it will be able to make the Orange & White.

Last week, one of the other members of the unit received a Tiger Flag from home. We made a bet with the local USC fans on last weeks baseball game. The winner of the game won the right to fly their teams flag over our work area. Thanks to the Clemson Baseball teams toppling of the cocks, the Orange & White now flies proudly over the skies of Southeast Asia. I have attached of picture of this breath taking view. It’s a sure reminder to all of the gamecock fans deployed here to who is #1 in the state of S.C. On that same note we would like to wish the Tiger Baseball luck on their game today and let them know that even though were 8,000 miles away from home, that we’re still pulling for them! GO TIGERS!!!

Let me thank you again for your support and hopefully we will be back in the good old’ USA real soon!


Robert Wright