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‘Lena in London 2012

‘Lena in London 2012

Editor’s Note: Clemson junior Marlena Wesh has been gracious enough to author a blog on her experiences from the Olympic Games in London, England.  Wesh, who will compete for Haiti, is scheduled for the qualifying heats of the 400 meters on Friday, August 3.  This is her fourth blog entry.

Today was pretty boring, everything from here on out is just in preparation for Friday. I did not get much sleep last night, the beds are not too comfortable and there isn’t AC in the apartments, so it gets pretty hot and that wakes me up in the middle of the night and early in the morning to the point where I can’t go back to sleep.

I started my day off by waking up around 6 AM and lying in bed for about an hour in attempt to fall back asleep, but that was a failure. I got up and got dressed and walked to the cafeteria for breakfast. After breakfast I got a blackberry message saying I had practice at 11 AM, so I had about three hours to spare. So, I went to the poly clinic to receive treatment on my Achilles and get a massage. I was so tired and during my massage when I wanted to take a brief “nap” the masseuse would not stop asking questions about how I liked London and how my time was going so far.

Practice went well today, I did a couple of 100 meter block starts from the 400 start line to get my race set up, the only bad part was it was POURING down when I was practicing, but that definitely didn’t bother me…I made sure my hair was wet and wavy, haha. The weather in London is psychotic, it rained during my whole practice…HARD and was about 50 degrees… then right when I was done the sun came out and it was hot. I am expecting the worst on Friday as far as weather goes, but I’m glad I got to do a workout in it so I could get acclimated to it.

After practice I went to the mall to do a little “retail therapy” just to get out of the village. I honestly feel like there won’t be a lot more exciting posts to my blog these next couple of days leading up to my race for the simple fact that there isn’t going to be anything to do but practice, eat, and sleep.

My parents and all four of my siblings arrive in London this Wednesday. I am very, very excited about having them here with me, especially to cheer me on even though I doubt I’ll be able to hear them. Well, actually I might be able to hear my mom, haha. Any who, it is 11:21 PM here so I will try to get some rest and update everyone tomorrow!