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Lady Tiger Facilities

Track Facilities The emphasis that the Clemson athletic department places on quality facilities is nowhere more evident than in the Tiger track program. A cross country course, and indoor and outdoor tracks are all located on the university campus within walking distance of each other.

Littlejohn Coliseum The recent renovation and new resurfacing of the Tigers’ outdoor track complex has made it one of the finest in the south, perhaps one of the finest in the nation, for training and competition. The facility now boasts a stadium with a seating capacity of 4,000, as well as permanent restrooms and concession areas.

Another new feature of the Rock Norman Track is the $80,000, 30’x27′ electronic scoreboard and message board. The board, which is sponsored by the Coca-Cola Consolidated Bottling Company, displays school, place and time for all 10 lanes. The board demands 56, 280 watts of electricity to operate and is run by a Venus 200 computer, the same computer that operates the baseball, basketball and soccer scoreboards.

The facility, which was the site of the 1990 ACC Outdoor Track and Field Championships, boasts a 10-lane track, the only one in the southeast, with a polyurethane surface. The track also features a steeplechase waterjump to the outer border of the track, three long jump/triple jump pits with runways, and three pole vault areas. Rock Norman Track, which is located in Jervey Meadows adjacent to the Jervey Athletic Center, is also an excellent one for throwers, with discus and hammer circles with protective cages and three shot circles. The facility also includes a 66’x102′ high jump apron with three takeoff locations and a 175′ javelin runway.

The Tigers’ indoor track is located in Littlejohn Coliseum, also home to the Clemson basketball teams. The facility, across the street from the Jervey Athletic Center, contains a brand new 300 meter indoor Mondo track. Located at the top entrance of the coliseum, the three-lane track gives the Tigers a fast, climate-controlled track to work out on, regardless of weather conditions. Some of the marks already recorded in the facility show it to be one of the fastest running tracks in the region. A permanent long jump/triple jump pit, a pole vault area and a high jump area are also available for home meets.

Tiger Strength Training Clemson University has one of the finest weight rooms in the nation. Perhaps the most impressive characteristic of the facility is its size. Several years ago, it was enlarged to an astounding 11,000 square feet, making it one of the largest in the nation. Two years ago, it was expanded to 14,000 square feet.

The facility boasts two full lines of Nautilus machines and over 12 tons of weights. The large number of machines and free weights allows the weight room to be used by athletes from several other different sports at the same time, without anyone having to wait in line at a particular station.

The plush atmosphere provides an interesting contrast to the physical exertion that takes place in the facility. When an athlete enters the etched glass doors, he is greeted by plush, wall-to-wall carpeting, walls lined with mirrors, ceiling fans, and music from a 26-speaker sound system–a worthy backdrop for well over $500,000 worth of state-of-the-art equipment.

Four color television monitors are also positioned throughout the facility. These monitors are used for training and instruction, as Tiger strength coaches film the athletes and work with them on form correction. When not in use for this purpose, the televisions, which are hooked into the sound system provide atmosphere, as most Tiger student-athletes enjoy working out to the tune of the latest music videos.

Recently, the operation of the strength training facility was enhanced by the addition of a new computerized program. Tiger strength coaches are now able to enter all the current strength data on an athlete, and the computer will generate a 10-week conditioning program that will help the athlete reach optimum results.

A strength training coach is assigned to each sport to ensure proper training by the athletes. Larry Greenlee coaches the women’s track strength training program.

Training Room The Clemson Athletic training room is one of the fine facilities in the Jervey Athletic Center. It is run by Fred Hoover, a national Hall of Fame trainer, and it houses all of the latest training equipment. Hoover heads up a staff of four full-time individuals with over 50 years of experience. This professional staff and 17 student and graduate student trainers gives an athlete the best possible care.

The training room has six whirlpools, a cybex machine, numerous stationary bikes, an upper-body exerciser, a Stairmaster, and all the latest devices for all kinds of treatment. The large sauna and steam bath are also welcome sites after a tough practice. A doctor has an office in the training room itself. He is in the training room from 2:00 p.m. until closing and is of course available at all hours for special situations.

Lynn Boring is the trainer responsible for the women’s track and field program. Jan Hillhouse is the team manager for the Lady Tiger track.