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Jack Leggett Chat Wrap

Jack Leggett Chat Wrap

March 26, 2002

Moderator: (9:57 AM ET ) and would like to welcome Clemson’s Jack Leggett to today’s chat.

Tiger Fan: Coach, what do you think about doing something like hoops does with the conference challenges? Has anyone ever brough up the idea? I would love to see the ACC and Pac-10 square off on a single weekend! Jack Leggett: (10:00 AM ET ) That is certainly a possibility and they have done it in the past. Unfortunately the season has moved back so far because of the CWS. It is difficult to secure a minor league facility like we did in Orlando. You have other things like travel and weather that make it more difficult than a basketball challenge. For us to square up against them I guess you will have to wait to the regionals and possibly Omaha. Quentin Lindsey: Coach Leggett, Off to a great season once again! Congrats to you and the Tiger team for your #1 ranking in two polls. I hope this will be the season that the Tigers can win the big game! I played for you in 92-93 and then finished at ODU as I am sure you remember. I am now coaching baseball at the high school level in Southern California. I was wondering if recruiting out here is a possibility, and if so should I turn kids on to Tiger Baseball? Good luck in the ACC and with the rest of the season. Q-Dog Jack Leggett: (10:02 AM ET ) Great to hear from you Q-dog. We have kids from all over the country interested in Clemson. We would always be willing to hear from some of your best players if they are willing to make the cross country trek. I am glad you are doing well Q-dog. Gastonia ,Nc: Yea i was just wanting to know how you think you well fair against North Carolina and the way they are playing right now when your two teams meet in acc play Jack Leggett: (10:03 AM ET ) Well, North Carolina is obviously playing very well right now having swept FSU. They have some momentum and some confidence built up coming off that weekend. It will be a tough challenge on the road, but we have a lot of games between now and then. Colin (Atlanta): Great job coach! What are your thoughts about the veteran leadership on this team and how that will help in the postseason run? Khalil Greene and Steve Reba as well as Thomas Boozer, Jarrod Schmidt, Kyle Frank and Jeff Baker. Those guys have provided some great leadership so far. We have a good mix of younger players and older players as well. Without a doubt team leadership and chemistry is important to have. When you have older guys come back like Reba and Greene it does a lot to solidify your team. Kat: First, let me congratulate you on a terrific start to the season.

In your opinion, what has been the difference this year for the Tigers at the plate? I’ve never seen us hit the ball this well.

Go Tigers!! Jack Leggett: (10:09 AM ET ) Weight room, the improvements we have made in strength conditioning program. We have experienced hitters like Frank. Greene, Johnson, Schmidt and they have reaped the benefits of that experience. We have a pretty good mix of speed and power and the addition of a couple of new guys. We have had contributions from top to bottom which has been better than what we have had in the past probably.

Orangeblood (Columbia): Coach, Thank you for keeping Clemson Baseball a nationally respected powerhouse these last few years! You’ve done a heck of a job. Why did you choose to start the season so late this year? Go Tigers! One Goal…Omaha! Jack Leggett: (10:11 AM ET ) We start later because once we get started we want to try and play our 56 games by playing on Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. By starting early we miss some of those midweek games. By doing it this way we can test our pitching depth by playing consecutive games and I think the players enjoy it this way too. It gives you a little more time to prepare for the opening of the season. Will (Los Angeles): Coach Leggett, it looks like you have several players with pitching experience playing positions other than pitcher. Besides your normal rotation, how man of the position players on the team can take the mound and be successful? Do you specifically recruit players who are multidimentional or is that chance? Jarrod Schmidt and Jeff Hourigan. Both are similar in that they are tough and talented. We are always on the look out for kids that can do both. Shelley (Clemson): What a start. Keep it rolling Coach Legget. Beat Georgia twice and finish off the sweep of the gamecocks. Then close it out with a sweep of FSU. Then take it on to Omaha. Not out of reach only question mark is middle relief. How good does it need to be? Thomas Boozer has been doing well. Jarrod Schmidt is the ace in the hole. Paul Harrelson, the Hawk as we call him, has been doing well as the closer. John (Atlanta): Who and what on this year’s squad has been a surprise to you? Jeff Hourigan have been a pleasant addition and surprise as has L.J. DeMaino and David Slevin these newcomers have made some significant contributions. Everybody else we kind of expected to step their game up. Collin Mahoney is playing well. Matt Henrie is doing well as the No. 2 starter. Steven Jackson continues to improve. B.J. LaMura is another guy that I should have mentioned earlier and he has come on strong. Those guys are the most telling ones that jump out at you. greenville: Coach I have noticed you stay in great shape for your age.Do you think that inspires your players to do the same? Jack Leggett: (10:22 AM ET ) I think all of our coaching staff takes great pride in working out and staying in shape and kind of getting in the trenches with our players. We respect how hard they work and I hope they respect how hard we work. Staying in shape helps us all feel a lot better and to be honest with you that saved me a couple of years back when I broke my neck. It will be something that stays with me forever. SISKO, MUSIC CITY USA: Coach just want to know if you are still training, it looks like your in great shape for your age. Do you still condition with your players like you did at WCU!! I heard you do alot of prisoner push-ups and curls daily. I also wonder if you want to be the best or need to be the best!! Jack Leggett: (10:25 AM ET ) I continue to work hard in the weight room and running to create a good example to our players because we used to have a strength and conditioning coach who is no longer here that was not a great example of conditioning. We had to concentrate on that deficiency and work extra hard. That specific strength and conditioning coach didn’t want it bad enough. Miss you Sisko. CALI: Coach, What do you think about the college season being pushed back deeper each year…and, what do you think about this hurting the summer college league seasons??? Jack Leggett: (10:27 AM ET ) I think we are at the maximum in terms of the season being moved back unless college baseball was to get something out of it like a TV package that would benefit all of the programs. It is cutting into the summer and hurting the amount of games that kids play in those leagues in the summer. It is also moving further past the end of the academic semester so I hope it doesn’t move any further than it already has. Jim Storey (Clemson ,SC): Jack, Great Start, Keep it Rolling, Ready for the Trip to Omaha, Hope this is our Year. I will see ya out in Right Field in TigerTown. In your opinion, is this the most talent you have ever had?? Jack Leggett: (10:29 AM ET ) We appreciate our righfield fans. You guys are loyal and there in any type of weather. We appreciate you guys out there. I do think that this team from top to bottom and depth wise could be our most talented. We have had some tremendous pitching in the past, but as far as our lineup goes this could be the best. We still have to prove some things by winning some championships.