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IPTAY Donor Of 54 Years To Dot The ?I? For Tomorrow?s IPTAY Day Game vs. NC State

IPTAY Donor Of 54 Years To Dot The ?I? For Tomorrow?s IPTAY Day Game vs. NC State

Fall Saturdays in Clemson are filled with tradition. One special tradition is the dotting of the “I” during the football pre-game festivities in Death Valley. The Tiger Band during their pre-game performance will form the large script “Tigers” across Frank Howard Field leaving the “I” without the finishing dot. For each home game, the great honor of dotting the “I” is bestowed upon a special Clemson Tiger. Tomorrow for IPTAY Day versus North Carolina State, Larry Brown an IPTAY member for the past 54 years will be dotting the “I” with the Tiger Band!

Brown is a 1960 graduate of Clemson University and currently resides in Hilton Head, SC. A passionate fan of the Clemson Tigers, Brown has attended 450 consecutive (home and away) Clemson football games. An amazing feat as the Tigers have traveled great distances for away games over the years including two games in Japan during the 1980s. On Saturday for IPTAY Day, Brown will be joined by his wife Mary Ruth, as they dot the “I” with the Tiger Band. We appreciate all that the Browns have done for IPTAY and Clemson Athletics.

Each fall, IPTAY Day provides a platform to grow the IPTAY brand within the Clemson Family as well as garner national exposure by way of the IPTAY logo being placed on the field.  It is a day in which we celebrate IPTAY and its eighty year history with Clemson University and Clemson Athletics. It is also a great opportunity to say thank you to our nearly 15,000 donors who are making a difference in the lives of Clemson student-athletes.