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International Champions

International Champions

By Hannah Burleson // Athletic Communications

Women’s tennis players Beatrice Gumulya and Jessy Rompies were able to skip the awkward introductions and didn’t have to learn each other’s playing styles that teammates often have to go through. You see, Gumulya and Rompies are both from Jakarta, Indonesia. They have played together in multiple capacities for almost a decade. They had the basics figured out.

It didn’t take long for the duo to click in the fall season, as the duo won its first two fall tournaments, the Furman Fall Classic and the ITA Riviera All-American Championship. The ITA All-American is one of college tennis’ biggest tournaments. Though the pair knew the seriousness of the tournament and the task in front of them, they were not fazed. The familiarity kicked in and helped ease their nerves.

“We didn’t go into the All-American with any expectations,” said Gumulya. “We just took each match one at a time and kept our focus. We didn’t think about us being the No. 7 seed, we just played tennis.”

Though they won the opening tournament of the season at Furman, the No. 8 ranked team really hit its stride at the ITA Riviera All-American Championship in Pacific Palisades, Calif. just days after competing in Greenville.

“It’s a big deal and a huge advantage that we have such good chemistry when we play,” stated Rompies. “Communication is so important in tennis.”

Gumulya agreed.

“We still need to communicate with each other, but it helps that we know each others’ playing styles.”

On their way to the tournament victory, the duo defeated the top seed and top-ranked team in the country as well as the No. 6 ranked duo among others. It was another win for the pair, but their focus was elsewhere.

It was all about Clemson.

It was the first time that a Clemson women’s doubles team won the ITA Riviera All-American title.

“We were speechless,” smiled Gumulya. “Our goal for the year is to be No. 1, so this was a good start.”

After the win, the pair immediately notified their families in Indonesia.

“I told my parents right away, but they didn’t respond until they woke up, and they couldn’t believe it,” chuckled Gumulya. “The first thing they asked me was, ‘Is this the first time Clemson has won a doubles title at the All-American?’ I said ‘yes!’”

Recounting the memory, the pair beamed. Though they came to Clemson from across the globe, there is no doubt the Clemson spirit and pride is already deep in their blood.

“We made history for Clemson,” said Rompies. “We are the first to get that trophy for Clemson, and we are so happy.”

The smile on their faces said it all. They were proud to represent the Clemson Family. With the win at the ITA Riviera All-American, the doubles team was admitted into the ITA Indoor National Championships at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Flushing N.Y. The duo, the top seed in the tournament, won two matches before falling in the semifinals.

Their success is far from over.

“We have to work on our weaknesses and keep getting better,” explained Rompies. “People will be chasing us and we can’t settle.”

It’s safe to say the Indonesian pair will come out of the gates swinging, literally, when the spring season begins for Nancy Harris’ team in January.