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Hoke A. Sloan Tennis Center

The Clemson tennis team makes its home at the Hoke A. Sloan Tennis Center located in the center of Clemson’s ever-growing campus.

This modern and well-equipped facility was originally made possible by the donation of long-time Clemson resident and former Tiger Coach A. Hoke Sloan.

A modern tennis center,completed in February 1993, is in the center of the Hoke Sloan Tennis complex. The new $450,000 structure consists of two levels, and is one of the finest of its kind in collegiate tennis. The new center consists of 3,500 square feet.

On the lower lever, there are two separate lockerrooms for both the men and women’s varsity teams. A training room also is located in each of the lockerrooms. Also on the lower level is a spacious lobby/trophy and memorabilia room. The coaches’ offices for both the men and women’s teams are located on the upper level. Also on the second floor is an open area with a deck allowing for an unobstructed view of the six main varsity courts.

Surrounding the new tennis building are 21 laykold-surfaced outdoor courts. A 700-seat permanent stadium, completed in the spring of 1985, overlooks six of the courts for varsity competition.

Tennis is a year-round sport at Tigertown, thanks to the mild-winter temperatures. However, on occasion, inclement weather does force the Tiger netters inside, and when this happens, the Tigers can take advantage of a four-court indoor facility located adjacent to the Sloan Tennis Center. The facility, which was completed in the fall of 1987, will accommodate a crowd of 250 spectators.