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D.J. Trahan Quotes for June 13, 2008

June 13, 2008

Q. I guess it felt pretty good out there today? D.J. Trahan: Any time you shoot under par on a U.S. Open golf course you feel pretty good. It was the wind picked up a little bit towards our back nine, but for the most part with that marine layer lingering over us a little bit the wind was down, there was moisture, and early in the morning if you’re going to get after this golf course, you’re going to have a better chance in the morning.

Q. You must feel pretty good. D.J. Trahan: Yeah, yesterday I hung tough and managed to get in at 1 over. Today I played solidly and I made some great putts, so it was a good day.

Q. How about the putt on 16? D.J. Trahan: I was about 20 feet short there for birdie. It was actually quite a bit of swing from right to left coming up and over that hill, they’ve actually got the pin over a little knob there. It’s a putt where you pick a spot and throw it out there, if you have good speed you know you have a chance to make it. Fortunately, I put some good speed on it and made the putt.

Q. You said you hung in there yesterday? D.J. Trahan: Yes, I didn’t hit the ball as solidly. If you’re missing a couple fairways or greens, you have to grind it out because coming out of the rough makes it more difficult for you. But obviously I’m putting well through two rounds and that’s what you really need to do in an event like this. You know how hard it’s going to play, you have to make a few clutch putts to keep you going.

Q. You’re in a Major on a weekend, what is this like? D.J. Trahan: It’s a Major championship, this is what you try to play for all year. You’ve got four of these events that you hopefully qualify for and play in. If you can get yourself in contention that’s all you’re trying to do. Give me a chance to win the tournament on Sunday. Somebody has to be up to the task, right? “Obviously the media and everyone else is always going to favor the top players in the world, but it’s a U.S. Open. It’s a tough, tough golf course. If somebody comes out and plays good golf, anybody can win this thing. “I just said this will probably be my last time here, so not particularly so. I’ve never really been fond of the golf course, but I just took a really great mental approach this week. “Regardless of the fact I haven’t played here in the past at Buick, I’m not going to let that bother me. I’m going to play golf and put that behind me. And so far I’ve done that. I’ve focused on keeping a positive outlook on the week, and it’s been good so far. “I’ve actually played fairly solid this year. There’s a difference, I tell people, between playing well and scoring well. Out here nobody cares if you play well, they care if you score well, because that’s when you get in contention and win tournaments. “I feel like I’ve played solidly all year, I just haven’t scored well this year. Obviously through two rounds it’s better. I’m putting well. When you get out there and have a couple of clutch putts it completely keeps the round going.

Q. Will you be watching this afternoon? There’s a chance you may be on top. D.J. Trahan: Obviously I’ll probably watch later this afternoon after I go back to the hotel. I’m going to get some lunch and work on my game a little bit. I must admit, it’s kind of fun to watch a Major championship on TV, so I probably will get some in.