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Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

Current Issues with Dr. Phillips

Oct. 19, 2005

This past week we had the opportunity to host the Atlantic Coast Conference schools on our campus with the full alignment of 12 universities. The purpose of these meetings is to look at and discuss relevant issues that deal with all of our sports programs as well as national issues. For example, issues such as the Bowl Championship Series and Academic Progress Rates (APR) are discussed. Academic Progress Rate is an on-going topic because of its newness and on-going tweaking of it appears inevitable.

Having the opportunity to host conference leaders on campus provides insight about what Clemson University is doing to progress. That applies to not only to the Athletic Department, but it helps project what this University is all about. We recognize the very significant gains that have been made in regards to the quality of student and student-athlete that we are attracting to Clemson. It serves our University and all programs well to have other universities on campus to see firsthand.

It is also very important to note that President Jim Barker was elected by the other university presidents to serve on the NCAA Board of Directors, which is the driving force of the organization. We believe that is a highly significant position within the NCAA structure and permits first-hand representation of not only the conference, but Clemson as well. In addition to the University President’s service to the NCAA, Dr. Cecil Huey serves on the NCAA’s Division I Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee and I serve as chair of the Division I Infractions Appeals Committee.

Oliver Purnell has been a leader in his field, having been selected to the NABC’s Board of Directors and appointed by the National Association of Basketball Coaches to serve as a member of USA Basketball Men’s Collegiate Committee. Oliver also has been a coach prominently involved in the USA Basketball program for nearly 10 years.

Bobby Robinson, in his tenure as athletic director, served on the Football Issues Committee, a panel that dealt with the future of football. Before Bobby, Bill McLellan was a member of the College Football Association, which was a predecessor of the current Bowl Championship Series. These examples of leadership speak to the historical strength of Clemson representatives serving at the national level.

This involvement underscores the involvement of our staff in the administration of intercollegiate athletics. This service is something that we need, again, not only as a university, but as a conference as well. It speaks to the broad-based strength of this league and Clemson University.In Solid Orange,Terry Don PhillipsAthletic Director

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