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March 5, 2003

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“We had put Julian (Betko) in there to take the ball in. As we knew from the Andruis Jurkunas days’ the trailer can get a great open look if they double. It was Ed’s call to make, but we just could not get a handle on it. I said before the season I would not trade point guards with anybody in the country and I would not change today.”

“Our guys really fought back on a night where the shooting was just not there. We kept scratching and clawing to get back into it. One of my assistants told me that we had the ball four times down two in the second half. You have to give a lot of credit to North Carolina State. They made 8 three pointers to our one. It is tough to spot a team like that 21 points.”

“I would have been a whole lot happier if we had come back and won 64-63, but I would not be any prouder of my team. They kept fighting and fighting.”


“I told our guys after the game that they have shown more grit and guts than any team I’ve ever been around. They have faced adversity this season through injuries and tough losses, and they’ve found ways to come back. They have had tremendous resilience.”

“Scooter Sherrill was sensational tonight, as was Josh Powell. They were both keys to victory for us.”

“Coach Shyatt and his staff have done a great job with their team this year. What he’s been able to do and the way he’s been able to do it speaks highly of Coach Shyatt’s character.”

“Today was a hard-fought game. When you play a game like tonight’s, you are humbly aware that there were no losers on that floor tonight.”

“Trying to guard Ed Scott with perfect health and six men on the court is hard. He’s so quick, and he gets the ball where he wants to get it.”