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Clemson vs. Winthrop Post-Match Quotes

May 9, 2008


Clemson Head Coach Nancy Harris

On her impressions of the team’s performance: “Overall, I thought we were a little bit rusty. It’s been two weeks since we’ve been competing, and we came out rusty. To Winthrop’s credit, they put a lot of balls in play and didn’t beat themselves. They made us beat them. But we’re happy to have this win.”

On the focus in the doubles matches: “I was pleased with our doubles. I actually think we played better in doubles than singles today. I liked our intensity. But we’ve got to be better tomorrow.”

On the next opponent, Michigan “They have a lot of depth. We need to try to counter their depth and court position. They have some good athletes. I expect a challenge.”

Winthrop Head Coach Cid Carvalho

“It’s an honor for us to play in the tournament. I’m very proud of our girls. We’re very glad we had the chance to come out and play in the tournament. Clemson is a great team; I hope they go all the way now. I thought we played them a good match; it was a good effort by our girls, and I’m very proud of the season we had.”