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Clemson vs. Savannah State Post-Game Coaches’ Quotes

Nov. 25, 2008

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Clemson Head Coach Oliver Purnell

Thoughts on the game: “I thought the guys handled the game pretty well. I was not happy with the number of turnovers, and this was the first time this year that they have come out flat in the second half. They were able to get back in the game and took advantage of the size inside.”

On his 100th win at Clemson: “I actually didn’t think about it until the other day. I don’t think that 100 wins mean a whole lot right now, maybe if I get to 500 then I will think about it. The fact that you are around for 100 games is great because that means you still have a job.”

On Bobo as a fan favorite: “We have a lot of fan favorites. He came into a tough situation with people pressuring, but he did a good job.

On Slow Start in 2nd half: “I think it was a huge lesson for us tonight. You cannot lose focus in a game, especially when we start into ACC play. We need to have an idea of what you want to do in the game to remain focused.”

On the play of Raymond Sykes: “He was a big factor and a very good post presence. He is very active out there and that is definitely his strength.”

On his team’s play through five games: “We are still trying to develop the team. Tonight we played 12 guys in the first half and we are able to do that because we have a lot of depth on our team.”

Savannah State Head Coach Horace Broadnax

“We dug a hole tonight, and you need a lot of energy to make up for it. Coming into the 2nd half, we came within 8, but we were starting to burn all of our resources, so it became hard to make a comeback.”

“We played against a great team tonight. Clemson had a major size advantage, and we need to bulk up to get to the next level. We also need to be more conditioned for games like this. Playing a team like Clemson gives us the opportunity to play learn and grow from this loss.”