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Clemson vs. Kentuncky Post-Match Quotes


2006 NCAA Women’s Tennis Championships Clemson Regional Regional Final Saturday, May 13, 2006

Kentucky Head Coach Carlos Drada Quotes: “It is a great feeling and a testament to our hard work and focus over the past few weeks. There has been a lot of intensity and positive energy on our team that I would like to see continue for our next match.”

Clemson Head Coach Nancy Harris Quotes: “It hurt losing the point for the doubles, but I have seen this team in this situation many times before and they have been able to come back.”

“I think that we beat ourselves, we got caught up in the emotion of the moment. The time off that we had to take between matches really hurt us. We weren’t able to compete during exams.”

“Alexandra and Federica have been able to pull off big matches as freshman. The future looks bright for this Clemson team, they have accomplished so much and we will be able to build on that.”