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Clemson Rowing Records Strong Performance on Saturday

Clemson Rowing Records Strong Performance on Saturday

CLEMSON, SC – The Clemson women’s rowing team finished first in five of six races against Boston University, Indiana, Purdue and Syracuse on Saturday morning on Lake Hartwell. 

“I am thrilled with our performance today,” said Clemson Head Coach Robbie Tenenbaum. “Our team is doing great. Everyone has been working really hard and it really showed out on the water today.”

The day started with a Clemson win in the 1st Varsity 8’s race. The Tigers got out to an early lead that they would never relinquish finishing just ahead of Syracuse in second followed by Indiana in third, Boston in fourth and Purdue in fifth.

The Tigers 1V8 finished with a time of 6:28.5 in that race. That time ranks as the 12th best overall time in school history, seventh best overall time on Lake Hartwell and third best Clemson time on Lake Hartwell.

In the 2nd Varsity 8+ race, Clemson jumped out to wide a lead and finished with a time of 6:40.8, more than 10 seconds ahead of Syracuse in second place. Boston University followed with a third-place finish while Indiana came in fourth and Purdue finished fifth.

Clemson then took the third race of the day in the 1st Varsity 4+ race. Clemson battled with Syracuse for the majority of the race but Tigers were able to pull away in the last stretch for the victory. Indiana finished in third behind Syracuse in second and ahead of Boston University in fourth.

The 1st Novice 8+ race proved to be the closest of the day. Clemson and Indiana went neck-and-neck for three quarters of the race. In the final few lengths of the race, the Tigers were able to pull just ahead of the Hoosiers to take the race by just 1.1 seconds.

The final race of the day went to the Tigers as the 2nd Novice 8+ turned out a dominating performance finishing over 20 seconds ahead of the next closest crew.

The only race in which the Tigers fell was the 2nd Varsity 4+ race. Syracuse was able to open a nice lead of which Clemson could not overcome, even with a strong push at the end to close the gap.

The Tigers will be back on the water next Saturday, March 16, when they host Alabama and Marist on Lake Hartwell at 9:00 AM in the last of three straight home regattas.

Race Results1st Varsity 8+1. Clemson – 06:28.52. Syracuse – 06:30.13. Indiana – 06:41.74. Boston University – 06:46.95. Purdue – 06:56.7 

2nd Varsity 8+1. Clemson – 06:40.82. Syracuse – 06:51.93. Boston University – 06:53.04. Indiana – 07:02.85. Purdue – 07:36.6 

1st Varsity 4+1. Clemson – 07:34.42. Syracuse – 07:38.73. Indiana – 07:45.44. Boston University – 07:52.7 

1st Novice 8+1. Clemson – 07:03.52. Indiana – 07:04.63. Syracuse – 07:22.54. Purdue – 07:25.55. Boston University – 07:33.4 

2nd Varsity 4+1. Syracuse – 07:49.52. Clemson – 07:51.53. Indiana “A” – 08:08.44. Indiana “B” – 08:21.7 

2nd Novice 8+1. Clemson – 07:28.52. Purdue “A” – 07:49.13. Purdue “C” – 07:51.04. Purdue “B” – 08:20.65. Purdue “D” – 09:08.6 

Clemson Lineups1st Varsity 8+Emily Massey (cox.), Samantha Duggan, Laura Basadonna, Ameerah Aly, Paula Wesselmann, Marie Arnold, Heather Cummings, Kate Biladeau, Laura D’Urso 

2nd Varsity 8+Katie Bruggeling (cox.), Giulia Longatti, Stephannie Allen, Kristin Manna, Caroline Hackler, Milena Heuer, Cristina Morcom, MJ Keys, Aurelia Wurzel 

1st Varsity 4+Carissa Richardson (cox.), Stephanie Cameron, Kathleen Scibelli, Sarah Monn, Maria Jose Gutierrez 

2nd Varsity 4+Jackie Kovach (cox.), Vanesa Ewais, Caroline Thomas, Kathryn Wiley, Kelsey Igo 

1st Novice 8+Emily Mutschler (cox.), Rebecca Kretzer, Dana Zielinski, Tatiana Lundstrom, Hannah DeFrank, Anna Skochdopole, Claire Wilson, Danielle Baskin, Joanna Coombs 

2nd Novice 8+Katie Eidson (cox.), Katherine Peters, Katherine Reft, Alison Rehfus, Genevieve Schwemmer, Erin Ferguson, Courtney Fallon, Kay Murphy, Julie Gilbert