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Clemson Rowing Journal

Oct. 18, 2000

Lisa Mischley is a junior on the Clemson Tiger Rowing Team. Mischley, a native of San Mateo, Calif., has agreed to provide fans with a closer look at the Clemson Rowing program with periodic journal entries.

Homecoming, Parent’s weekend, and our first head race held on our very own lake created an exciting weekend. Saturday the races were delayed due to the fog that was on the lake. A few hours later, however, the lake cleared and the first varsity 8+ race began. This race included an A and a B boat from all 3 teams participating: Clemson, Duke, and Tennessee. Compared to the rough waters in Pittsburgh, PA the weekend before, the flat water of Lake Hartwell and the warm weather was a relief.

Head of Lake Hartwell provided the first chance for the novice to gain experience in fall racing. With the novice team being named on September 23, 2000, that allowed two weeks to learn for a majority of them – a new sport. It is definitely exciting to see how much the novice have learned in the past few weeks. It only sets the standard for the upcoming weeks.

The novice were not the only ones gaining experience this past weekend. Saturday provided the first chance for some of the varsity to gain experience racing pairs. For most of us, it was a learning experience and a reality check for the direction we need to move in the upcoming weeks.

On Sunday, Class Day once again, provided a fun opportunity for the rowers to relax and their family members to try their skills of rowing. Like last year, the junior class, dressed as the football team and Tommy Bowden, defeated the sophomore class, dressed as crayons. We took reign of the Class Day trophy. The novice race was won by the butterflies. Racing a 2k gave the novice a small glance at what the Spring racing season is like.

Of course the most exciting part of the day was the barbecue (thank you parent’s for all the good food) and watching our family members attempt to learn and understand what we do everyday. I think most family members definitely have a better appreciation for the sport of rowing and the effort we put out after their lessons.