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Clemson Rowing Defeats Indiana and George Mason

Clemson Rowing Defeats Indiana and George Mason

March 16, 2002

CLEMSON, SC – The Clemson rowing team competed in the Clemson Invitational Saturday morning against Indiana and George Mason on Lake Hartwell.

In the novice 8+ race, the Tigers finished first with a time of 7:04.2. Indiana’s novice 8+ finished second at 7:24.8, and George Mason came in third with a time of 7:32.4.

Clemson’s varsity 8+ recorded a time of 6:44.3 to beat Indiana and George Mason’s first varsity 8+ which came in second and third, respectively with times of 7:15.1 and 7:19.3.

The Tigers’ second novice 8+ completed the course in 7:35.8 claiming first, while Indiana finished second with a time of 7:57.1.

Clemson’s second varsity 8+ boats placed first and second. Clemson’s first-place boat finished with a time of 6:54.0, and the second-place boat finished in 7:25.3. Indiana finished third with a time of 7:48.5.

In the novice 4+ race Clemson finished with a time of 8:30.0 to beat George Mason’s novice 4+ which came in second with a time of 9:07.9.

“The Tigers performed really well today,” said head coach Susie Lueck. “This was an exciting day with Clemson sweeping all five races, and we are looking forward to the rest of the season.”

Clemson will travel to Austin, TX next Friday to compete in the Longhorn Invitational.

Clemson Invitational Results Novice 8+ Clemson 7:04.2, Indiana 7:24.8, George Mason 7:32.4

Varsity 8+ Clemson 6:44.3, Indiana 7:15.1, George Mason 7:19.3

2nd Novice 8+ Clemson 7:35.8, Indiana 7:57.1

2nd Varsity 8+ Clemson “A” 6:54.0, Clemson “B” 7:25.3, Indiana 7:48.5

Novice 4+ Clemson 8:30.0, George Mason 9:07.9