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Clemson Rowing Claims South Region Championships

May 19, 2002

Oak Ridge, Tenn. – The Clemson rowing team claimed the South Region title as three tiger boats claimed championships Sunday in the 2002 Lexus South/Central Sprints held on Melton Hill Lake. The Tigers’ novice 8+, second varsity 4+ and second varsity 8+ boats claimed titles

In the grand finals of the novice 8+ race, Clemson finished fourth with a time of 7:08.2. Notre Damededged the Tigers by .7 seconds for a third-place finish. Ohio State won the race with a time of 6:59.9, while Michigan finished second in 7:02.5. Michigan State clocked in at 7:14.4, while Indiana completed the course in 7:23.5.

Clemson’s second varsity 4+ finished third in the grand final with a time of 7:50.0. Ohio State won the race with a time of 7:35.5 and Michigan was second in 7:49.1. The Tigers placed third, defeating Kansas (7:54.2), Tennessee (7:56.2) and Notre Dame (7:57.3).

The first varsity 4+ finished fifth in their petite final, posting a time of 8:17.0. Notre Dame won the race with a time of 7:53.9, Duke was second in 7:57.3, Tennessee was third in 8:01.4 and Iowa was fourth, clocking in at 8:03.4. Miami crossed the finish line with a time of 8:17.5.

Clemson’s second varsity 8+ won the petite final with a time of 6:54.2, defeating second-place Tennessee(6:58.8). Texas was third in 6:59.2, Cincinnati was fourth in 7:02.0, Kansas was fifth in 7:05.9 and Miami finished sixth in 7:08.7.

The first varsity 8+ also won their petite final, posting a time of 6:41.4. The Tigers defeated second-place Iowa (6:42.8) by 1.4 seconds. Minnesota placed third with a time of 6:43.6, while Wisconsin finished the course in 6:44.9 for a fourth-place finish. Kansas State completed the course in 6:51.9 and Tennessee clocked in at 6:52.1.

“It was a great day of racing on a beautiful day,” said head coach Susie Lueck. “We had solid racing today overall.”

Novice 8+ Grand Final – Ohio State 6:59.9, Michigan 7:02.5, Notre Dame 7:07.5, Clemson 7:08.2, Michigan State 7:14.4, Indiana 7:23.5

2nd Varsity 4+ Grand Final – Ohio State 7:35.5, Michigan 7:49.1, Clemson 7:50.0, Kansas 7:54.2, Tennessee 7:56.2, Notre Dame 7:57.3

1st Varsity 4+ Petite Final – Notre Dame 7:53.9, Duke 7:57.3, Tennessee 8:01.4, Iowa 8:03.4, Clemson 8:17.0, Miami 8:17.5

2nd Varsity 8+ Petite Final – Clemson 6:54.2, Tennessee 6:58.8, Texas 6:59.2, Cincinnati 7:02.0, Kansas 7:05.9, Miami 7:08.7

1st Varsity 8+ Petite Final – Clemson 6:41.4, Iowa 6:42.8, Minnesota 6:43.6, Wisconsin 6:44.9, Kansas State 6:51.9, Tennessee 6:52.1.