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Clemson Ranked 12th in Latest Golfweek Poll.

Clemson Ranked 12th in Latest Golfweek Poll.

Clemson, S.C.—The Clemson golf team is ranked 12th in the nation according to the latest Golfwee/Sagarin computer poll.  The Tigers jumped from 27th to 12th by virtue of their third-place finish at the U.S. Collegiate Championship in Alpharetta, Ga. last weekend.

The field at the U.S. Collegiate included seven of the top 10 teams and 11 of the top 25 in the nation according to the previous Golfweek ranking.  The Tigers defeated  eight top 25 teams and five top 10 teams on the way to the third-place finish in the 17-team field.

Clemson’s fall schedule is complete, but the final fall rankings won’t be published until late November when all the college events are completed.

Clemson has achieved the No. 12 ranking by playing the second most difficult schedule in the nation.   Clemson has a schedule rating of 70.66, second only to the 70.60 rating by Georgia Tech.  Larry Penley’s Tigers have played in four tournaments and have competed against top 25 teams in those tournaments 35 times, most in the nation.

Clemson already has accumulated 17 wins over teams in the current top 25, fourth most in the nation.  Clemson has wins over six of the top 11 teams nationally.    The ratings also show the strength of the ACC this year.  Clemson is one of six league teams in the top 12 nationally.

Clemson also has three individuals ranked among the top 62 players in the nation.  Graduate student Stephen Behr is 25th with a 69.05 rating, junior golfer Austin Langdale is 44th with a 69.78 rating, and senior Miller Capps is 62nd with a 70.08  rating.

Golfweek Top 25

Team Ranking (rating)

1. Illinois (69.00), 2. Auburn (69.01), 3. Wake Forest (69.27), 4. Florida State (69.49), 5. Stanford (69.76), 6. Duke (69.94), 7. North Carolina (69.97), 8. Southern California (70.01),  9. Oklahoma State (70.08), 10. Texas (70.08), 11. Georgia Tech (70.09), 12.  Clemson (70.11), 13. Oklahoma (70.16), 14. Penn State (70.22), 15. Georgia (70.22), 16. Alabama (70.27), 17. Vanderbilt (70.32), 18. Florida (70.33), 19. Arizona State (70.41), 20. Purdue (70.54)

Team Schedule Rankings (rating)

1. Georgia Tech (70.60), 2. Clemson (70.66), 3.  Texas (70.70), 4. Stanford (70.72), 5. Vanderbilt (70.75), 6. Georgia (70.75), 7. Florida State (70.83), 8. Alabama (70.89), 9. Florida (70.90), 10.  Arkansas (70.95).