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Clemson Men’s Soccer Post Game Quotes

Nov. 26, 2000


Clemson Head Coach Trevor Adair

“It is hard to play with 10 men. I give credit to our team in trying to hold off a fine UCONN team. I have an empty feeling in my stomach for our seniors, who were committed to winning a national championship. We played very well in the first half. UCONN is a good team with outstanding players. I am proud of my team.

“In any soccer match it is unfortunate that a player is taken out and one team has to play with 10 men.

“I was blocked out and really didn’t see the final goal. It was a bicycle kick. Cuellar is a good player. We tried to put an extra player on him. Tactically we did a good job, we just couldn’t hang on a few more minutes. Doug got a hand on it, but it went into the goal.

“This senior class is the best senior class I have ever had. A lot of these guys will be playing professionally. They committed themselves to our program, to Clemson soccer. As a number-two seed, we felt we had a chance to win it all, but we knew this would be a difficult game. Our bracket was very tough. This game was like a quarterfinal game.”

Mark Lisi

“The ball flipped up in the air after Pablo sent the ball in. I was able to score. UCONN is a great team. This is tough for the seniors. We put so much effort into this season. To come up short is difficult, you don’t want it to end. I am proud of everyone who put on a jersey this year and for our coaching staff.

“We needed to keep the ball more when we were down a man. It is difficult to do.

Mike Potempa

“I thought we were in good shape at the half with a 1-0 lead. We had accomplished what we wanted. We needed to score more goals. But, when you get down a man it is hard to get an attack going. I still thought we could hold on and we almost did. We gave up two unfortunate goals when we were down a man. “

UCONN Head Coach Ray Reid

“This was a tough game. Clemson is a very good team, well coached. It is not the same team we played in the preseason. Mark Lisi is one of the best players in college soccer.

“We took this as a challenge, going on the road. It was a tough game and our team did not crack. We kept our composure. Donny Mark’s was a great goal and of course Cuellar’s goal was outstanding.

“It was a great college soccer game. Clemson was the top seed in this part of the bracket and it was deserved.

“With a second yellow the player leaves the game. That was the call and you play on.

“We got great play from our bench. That is one of our strengths, depth. That made a difference in the game, it gave us a thrust today.

“At halftime we were down and I told the team to keep going. Get a goal and tie it up. I told them to keep their head up. Often the team down a man gets motivated. It takes a lot of energy out of you when you are a man down. We just kept going.

“Donny Mark is a very good player. He gives us a different look at midfield.