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Clemson Football Game Day Information

Clemson Football Game Day Information

What you need to know about parking/transit:

If you have a car parked on campus or plan to drive a car on campus or around town this weekend, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Reserved lots will be cleared 12 hours before kickoff;
  • Parking regulations for home football games supersede all other regulations and will be enforced 12 hours before the start of each game.
  • Parking lots open at 6 a.m. for noon and 1 p.m. games and at 8 a.m. for all other kickoff times.
  • The S.C. Highway Patrol controls entrance into IPTAY parking areas on game days-only vehicles with a valid IPTAY parking permit will be allowed to enter, drive through or park in IPTAY parking areas.

More parking information, including parking restrictions, student, fan, employee and reserved parking and transit service can be found HERE.

Game Day Information

  1. Be cautious when purchasing tickets from a secondary market
  2. Tiger Tracker system helps keep kids safe on game day
  3. Clemson security plan includes ‘no backpacks’ policy
  4. Kids get a backstage pass at Tiger Band Kidz Klub
  5. Tiger Band gets things started 90 Minutes Before Kick Off
  6. Tiger Walk welcomes players on game day
  7. Help make Clemson University more Solid Orange, by being Solid Green!

1. Be cautious when purchasing tickets from secondary market

The Clemson Athletic Ticket Office would like to remind fans to be cautious when purchasing tickets from a secondary ticket market, i.e. online ticket resellers and ticket scalpers. The technology that is in place to make ticket buying easier and more convenient can be taken advantage of by dishonest ticket resellers looking to make a profit.

2. Tiger Tracker system helps keep kids safe on game day

The athletic department has implemented a child identification system for football home games and other athletic events to help children who may get separated from their families. The Tiger Tracker system will allow lost children to be quickly reunited with their families.

Youth-sized wrist bands will be available at various locations around the stadium. The wrist bands will be completed with information about the family’s seat location and the cell phone number and name of an adult chaperone of the child. The wrist bands will enable police officers and athletic department staff to locate the families of lost children quickly.

Wrist bands will be distributed to families entering the stadium or can be picked up at stadium guest service kiosks, the Tiger Tailgate Show (located outside Littlejohn Coliseum) and the IPTAY/Ticket Office.

3. Clemson security procedures enhanced at Memorial Stadium

The Clemson University Police Department has added coolers, briefcases, luggage, computer bags and camera bags to the list of items not allowed inside Memorial Stadium on football game days.

The policy, which was adopted after the 9/11 attacks, already prohibited backpacks, tote bags, brown paper bags and other large carryall-type bags.

Items allowed but subject to search are purses, diaper bags, medically necessary items, seat cushions, binocular cases, cameras, video cameras, cell phones, radios, Walkman- or iPod-type radio/recorders and hand-held TVs.

Fans will be directed to screening areas at Gates 1, 5, 9, 11, 13, 16 and 20 where items will be searched by event staff. For the most efficient, effective and quickest entry into the stadium, officials recommend that fans should arrive at the stadium at least an hour before kick-off. 

Large chair backs are also restricted. Chair backs with arms, large pockets or those larger than 17-inches wide will not be allowed into the stadium.

These items will not be claim-checked at the gates; fans will be asked to return them to their vehicles. Event staff can check umbrellas and strollers at the gates.

Clemson continues to allow pass-outs this season, which means fans can leave and be readmitted to Memorial Stadium at designated entrances.

However, those fans will have to go through the same level of security screening as they did upon originally entering the stadium.

State and local bomb detection dogs and technicians will be on hand to check the stadium and cars parked near it, and only cars bearing IPTAY placards will be allowed access to roads in the vicinity of the stadium.

Adults attending the game should have an official form of photo identification with them, and children should remain with an adult at all times during the game.

4. Kids get a backstage pass at Tiger Band Kidz Klub

Tiger Band opens its doors to area youth (and their parents) with the Tiger Band Kidz Klub. Kids are invited to the Tiger Band practice field at the corner of Perimeter Road and Cherry Road for Friday rehearsals before home games (except Friday, August 30). There the “klub” will get a behind-the-scenes look at Tiger Band, learning how they “Shake the Southland.” Participants get a chance to meet Tiger Band members, see demonstrations of the instruments and participate in a band activity: “running down the hill.”

Faithful members receive a gift from the band. Participants can watch the band rehearse before beginning brief demonstrations for the kids. The band especially encourages faculty and staff with children to participate. 

All children participating must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  

5. Tiger Band gets things started 90 minutes before kick off

The Clemson University Tiger Band is doing its part again this season to take the already electric Clemson spirit to the next level on game day.

“90-Minutes Before Kick-Off” is a mini-concert and pep rally that occurs one hour and 30 minutes before the start of each home football game at the Outdoor Theater (between Sikes Hall and the R.M. Cooper Library). Fans can listen to halftime selections, enjoy university favorites such as “Tiger Rag” and the Alma Mater, and get ready to cheer the Tigers to victory with the help of Clemson’s cheerleaders, Rally Cats, and mascots.

Following “90-Minutes Before Kick-Off,” Tiger Band will take its traditional march through the heart of campus down Fort Hill Street from the Outdoor Theater to Memorial Stadium.

6. Tiger Walk welcomes players on game day

The run down the Hill into Clemson’s Death Valley may be “the most exciting 25 seconds in college football,” but a 200-yard walk through the stadium parking lot also stirs up tremendous noise and emotion.

Tiger Walk, initiated by head football coach Dabo Swinney, is a display of mutual admiration as loyal fans line up in the large parking lot west of Memorial Stadium to greet the Tigers, who are grateful for their support.

Tiger Walk typically begins two hours before kickoff in P-3 parking lot (aka IPTAY lot 5) when the Tigers depart their buses and walk to the team entrance in the WestZone of Memorial Stadium.

7. Help make Clemson University more Solid Orange, by being Solid Green!

Last season, we recycled 55 tons of material. This year, we want to do even more. Look for recycling bins in the tailgate areas, on the concourses, and at the stadium gates. Be on the lookout for the volunteers in neon yellow shirts handing out green bags during tailgate time. The bags will also be in dispensers on the Solid Green cans.

  • What to recycle: bottles, cans, and glass
  • Where to recycle: Solid Green roll carts, green 6-slot canisters, and orange dumpsters
  • How to use Green Bags: fill it with your recyclables and leave it at your tailgate spot – we do the rest – or take the bag to an orange dumpster

For more information, go to Clemson Recycling and check out our videos with Alcoa and the Rally Cats.