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Clemson Baseball Post-Game Quotes

May 18, 2000

Recap| Box Score


Clemson Head Coach Jack Leggett:

“I thought we did a few things really well tonight. Number-one, Ryan Mottl gave us a great pitching performance and worked really hard. I thought he was very tough in all situations. He threw strikes. He made just one bad pitch on the evening to (Marshall) McDougall. Other than that he did a good job before and after that inning.”

“Offensively I felt like we put pressure on them all night. We scored all but two of the innings. That helped us relieve the pressure. I think it was big when they tied it up at 4-4 and we came right back with Khalil’s (Greene) homer. That was awful big to loosen us up and get us going again.”

Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin:

“I tell you what. You have to give credit to Ryan Mottl. He just dominated the ball game. He just went out there and said I’m going to take charge of this thing. You have to take your hat off to him because he owned us.”

On Clemson Being Motivated To Play Florida State: “When you’ve been whipped three in a row, believe me we were up for them too. You just have to give them credit.”