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Jul 10, 2020

Clemson Athletics COVID-19 Update – July 10, 2020

Since the last release of testing data on June 26, Clemson Athletics student-athletes and staff have completed 292 additional COVID-19 tests, with six positive cases identified.

Since June 1, when student-athletes began returning to campus, Clemson student-athletes and staff have undergone 722 COVID-19 tests with 53 positive results (47 students, 6 staff), a 7.3% positive rate. To date, there have been no hospitalizations related to COVID-19 for any individual within Clemson Athletics, and more than half of the positive cases have been asymptomatic.

All individuals who had previously tested positive as of the last release on June 26 have completed CDC-recommended isolation and are either back in activity or awaiting final medical clearance.

As the State of South Carolina and the Upstate continue to experience community transmission of COVID-19, individuals are advised to continue to wear face coverings when out of the home, practice physical distancing, routinely wash hands thoroughly and remain at home if any symptoms are present.