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Clemson Athletics Announces Fall 2011 TigerCast Schedule

Clemson Athletics Announces Fall 2011 TigerCast Schedule

Aug. 17, 2011

CLEMSON, SC – The Clemson Athletic Department has announced the TigerCast schedule for the fall of 2011. Fans will have the opportunity to watch live streaming video of all eight non-televised home regular season men’s soccer games, all 11 home regular season women’s soccer games and 10 non-televised home regular season volleyball matches on this fall.

Now in its fifth year of providing live coverage of Olympic sporting events via webcasting, the Clemson Athletic Department will cover 29 events on TigerCast this fall. An additional three events (men’s soccer on September 30 and October 28 and volleyball on November 18) will be broadcast live via the new ACC/ESPN television agreement.

In all, 32 of Clemson’s 34 regular season home Olympic sporting events (94%) will be covered live either via webcasting or television this fall. This is a 14% increase from the number of events covered live in the fall of 2010.

Prices for TigerCast are as follows:

• Single Event – $5.95 • Monthly Subscription – $9.95 • Yearly Subscription – $79.95

Click here for more information and to sign up for a subscription today.

Complete Fall 2011 TigerCast Schedule
Date Sport Event Time
8/19/2011 Women’s Soccer Clemson vs. SC State 7:00 PM
8/22/2011 Women’s Soccer Clemson vs. Citadel 6:00 PM
8/26/2011 Volleyball Clemson vs. Loyola (MD) 7:00 PM
8/27/2011 Volleyball Clemson vs. Tennessee State 12:00 PM
8/27/2011 Volleyball Clemson vs. SC State 6:00 PM
9/2/2011 Men’s Soccer Clemson vs. South Carolina 7:00 PM
9/4/2011 Women’s Soccer Clemson vs. Northeastern 12:00 PM
9/5/2011 Men’s Soccer Clemson vs. UNC Greensboro 7:00 PM
9/9/2011 Women’s Soccer Clemson vs. South Carolina 7:30 PM
9/11/2011 Women’s Soccer Clemson vs. Furman 2:30 PM
9/14/2011 Volleyball Clemson vs. Furman 7:00 PM
9/16/2011 Men’s Soccer Clemson vs. Duke 6:00 PM
9/20/2011 Men’s Soccer Clemson vs. Charlotte 7:00 PM
9/22/2011 Women’s Soccer Clemson vs. Florida State 7:00 PM
9/25/2011 Women’s Soccer Clemson vs. Duke 2:00 PM
9/27/2011 Men’s Soccer Clemson vs. Gardner-Webb 7:00 PM
9/29/2011 Women’s Soccer Clemson vs. Maryland 7:00 PM
9/30/2011 Volleyball Clemson vs. North Carolina 7:00 PM
10/1/2011 Volleyball Clemson vs. NC State 6:00 PM
10/2/2011 Women’s Soccer Clemson vs. Boston College 1:00 PM
10/7/2011 Volleyball Clemson vs. Boston College 7:00 PM
10/14/2011 Men’s Soccer Clemson vs. Boston College 7:00 PM
10/18/2011 Men’s Soccer Clemson vs. Furman 7:00 PM
10/21/2011 Men’s Soccer Clemson vs. Adelphi 5:00 PM
10/23/2011 Women’s Soccer Clemson vs. Wake Forest 1:00 PM
10/27/2011 Women’s Soccer Clemson vs. Francis Marion 7:00 PM
10/28/2011 Volleyball Clemson vs. Duke 7:00 PM
10/29/2011 Volleyball Clemson vs. Wake Forest 5:00 PM
11/19/2011 Volleyball Clemson vs. Miami 6:00 PM