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Clemson 7th in Final Regular Season Coaches Poll

Clemson 7th in Final Regular Season Coaches Poll

Clemson, S.C.—Clemson is ranked seventh in the final regular season Bushnell Golfweek Coaches Poll.  It is the eighth straight week Clemson has been ranked among the top 12 in the nation according to the Coaches poll.   It is Clemson’s highest ranking in the Coaches Poll since May 13, 2009 when the Tigers were fifth heading into the NCAA Tournament.

Clemson was not ranked in the preseason poll this season, then jumped to No. 10 in the nation in the Coaches poll after a second-place finish at the season opening Carpet Classic in Georgia, a tournament that had seven to 25 teams in the field.  Clemson held a ranking of No 10-12 the rest of the regular season, then moved to seventh after winning the ACC Championship in late April.

Clemson is also ranked seventh in the latest Golfstat computer poll and ranks fifth according to the Golfweek/Sagarin computer ranking.   Clemson’s schedule strength is also fifth in the nation by Golfweek.  Larry Penley’s team is the only Division I team in the nation ranked in the top five on the course and in schedule ranking.

Individually, all five  Clemson starters are ranked in the top 115 in the nation by Golfweek and Golfstat, including Austin Langdale and Stephen Behr, who are top 50 players by both services.

The Tigers leave for Stillwater, Okla and the NCAA Regional tournament on Saturday with competition running Monday, May 16 through Wednesday, May 18.  The top five teams in the 14-team field will advance to the NCAA National Tournament in Eugene, Ore. May 27.  Clemson is the No. 2 seed at the Oklahoma State regional behind the home team Cowboys.

College Golf Ranking Summary:

May 11, 2016


1.Texas, 2. Illinois, 3.  Georgia, 4. Stanford,  5. Clemson, 6.  LSU, 7.  Florida, 8. Oklahoma State, 9. Vanderbilt, 10. Southern California, 11. South Florida, 12. Auburn, 13. Alabama, 14. South Carolina, 15. Florida State, 16. California, 17. Wake Forest, 18. Arizona State, 19. Duke, 20. Oklahoma, 21. Arkansas, 22. North Carolina, 23. San Diego State, 24. Washington, 25. UNLV


1.Stanford, 2. Texas, 3. Southern California, 4. Illinois, 5. Georgia, 6. Oklahoma State, 7. Clemson, 8. Auburn, 9. Vanderbilt, 10. Florida State, 11. Arizona State, 12. Wake Forest, 13. California, 14. LSU, 15. South Florida, 16. Florida, 17. South Carolina, 18. Oklahoma, 19. Alabama, 20. Duke, 21. Arkansas, 22. San Diego State, 23. Washington, 24. Oregon, 25. North Carolina.

Coaches Poll:

1.Texas, 2. Illinois, 3. Stanford, 4. Georgia, 5. Oklahoma State, 6. Southern California, 7. Clemson, 8.  Vanderbilt, 9. Auburn, 10. LSU, 11. Florida State, 12. Florida, 13. Wake Forest, 14. Arizona State, 15. California, 16. South Florida, 17. Alabama, 18. South Carolina, 19. Oklahoma, 20. Duke, 21. Arkansas, 22. San Diego State, 23. Washington, 24. North Carolina, 25.  Texas A&M

National Individual Rankings


Austin Langdale (23-43), Stephen Behr (28-34), Bryson Nimmer (85-83), Carson Young (89-69), Miller Capps (113-109)